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Coleman DGAA Furnace

2.5 of 5 stars 24 reviews | #7 of 7 Furnaces
Updated: Nov 4, 2018 | Read more about Coleman Furnaces | DGAA Warranty

Overview of DGAA

The Coleman DGAA product line is an 80% AFUE gas furnace designed for

manufactured homes. Compact in size, this model features zero clearance and can

easily be installed in tight spaces in mobile or modular homes.

Coleman advertises this line as "air conditioning ready" with blowers capable of

handling up to 4 tons of air conditioning and built-in coil cabinets designed to work

with cooling units. According to Coleman, these features allow for easy installation and

highly efficient operation.

In addition, the DGAA series features a fail-safe auto ignition system, aluminized steel

heat exchanger, scratch resistant panels, and is equipped with a convertible gas valve

and gas orifices for natural or propane gas. The DGAA also uses universal disposable


Consumer Reviews of the DGAA

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  • Somewhat Unsatisfied
  • Very Unsatisfied
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1 of 5 stars Illinois
Date created: 2018-11-04

Coleman Junk

Junk, had it installed about 15 years ago and have worked on it a lot. Usually just cleaning the blower unit and flue pipe. This year has been different. Went to clean the heat sensor and it was very clean, but the plate that spreads the flame laying in the bottom of fire box. Upon further inspection that flame has directly been hitting the back of the fire box, cracking my heat exchanger all to hell. Needless to say it is not working again. Thank God I have a wood burning stove. Hire some new technicians or just stop. Judging from other replies, I'm not alone. Stop making furnaces or you're going to get someone killed with your faulty product. I will never purchase from Coleman again.

1 of 5 stars Illinois
Date created: 2018-09-14

Worthless furnace

I had this unit installed in my elderly mother's place October 2013 and I have had to pay a service fee and replace the inducer motor every year since. I contacted Coleman about this and the customer service is as awful as the furnace. After explaining that I have had to have this motor replaced every year since installing the unit, she simply replied it's out of warranty, so too bad. Also, the furnace has a plastic door which melted during the first season. Who puts plastic parts on a heating unit? Absolutely do not buy this product. I will be replacing my mother's furnace again with anything not made by this company or its affiliates. I own numerous properties and manage over 100 others. I will never allow any of Coleman's products to be used in any of them ever again. Nor will I allow anything produced by the company Style Crest.

1 of 5 stars Kansas City
Date created: 2017-12-24


Mine didn't make it threw a year without giving me trouble. I have replaced just about everything on it that can be replaced, and I still sometimes will not cycle. Never ever again.

2 of 5 stars Lake Delton, WI
Date created: 2017-12-14

Concerned about reliability

Dislike the fact that the blower is very loud. This seems to be one of the bigger complaints from the reviews that I have read. The concern I have is when the flame ignites the noise makes is a very loud bang and I mean loud this worries me a lot. Is this or is this not a normal thing. Is this something that could be a danger. Would I buy this brand again probably not. But I'm stuck with it. I just hope it don't blow up.

2 of 5 stars Crowley, TX
Date created: 2016-05-12

A/C unit Evcon & Coleman furnace

After unit was installed on January 31, 2016, the heater worked fine through the winter. The blower was strong and running quietly. Great on gas bill. But went to turn the A/C on for the first time and it was not cooling at all. Called contractor, he came out the same day and said it was the expansion valve or compressor. Not too happy to hear this. He said he would get the part and come back the next day. Called him the next day and asked him to come back the day after, due to an appointment that day I would not be home. Well it's the next day and he hasn't fix it yet. I will be disappointed if this doesn't fix the problem and it takes a compressor, I would rather have another unit in place of this one. Note the reason the furnace unit was replaced due to part n/a plus the heat exchanger had burned through the metal and damaged the wall from the flames coming out of the furnace wall. The reason this happen was due to dirt, wasps had built their mud nest over the flue and would not let out the heat thru the stack. I would recommend a screen be put over the top of the flue opening to keep this from happening and causing the home to catch on fire. Only reason mine didn't was because of the n/a part and when we pulled out the old furnace we found a hole on the side of the furnace letting flames reach the wall. If you have any question please feel free to call. This might save some lawsuits and some lives.

4 of 5 stars Hartford, KS
Date created: 2016-05-11

Electrical hum

We live in a manufactured home and were replacing an older unit. Brands and models were limited. But this one hums 24/7 (unless we have a power outage).

5 of 5 stars Minnesota
Date created: 2016-03-26

Great furnace

I had this unit installed 6 years ago and have yet to have a service call. So impressed with Coleman, I added the A/C last summer. After 1 season of cooling all is good. Coleman earns my trust and satisfaction.

1 of 5 stars
Date created: 2015-12-21

Junk, junk, junk

Have had the furnace for 4 years. It worked OK till now. Now it has an ignition failure that comes and goes weekly, I have changed the flame sensor and computer and still have the problem, and all safety circuits seem to be functioning properly but it still keeps shutting down. My brother-in-law bought the same furnace shortly after me and has had and still has similar problems since new. He even hired the professionals who installed it plus others and still has problems.

5 of 5 stars Santa Paula, CA
Date created: 2015-11-25

Best HVAC in Ventura County, CA

We had a personal friend recommend Doug Fairweather HVAC for our upcoming replacement of our entire HVAC system. We were getting an estimate from 600 miles away and Doug's staff was prompt in replying to any request we made via email. The price was good and the install went smoothly. The install team was fast and efficient. Done in one day. The Coleman furnace was a perfect fit and works perfectly. The original Coleman furnace lasted 27 years and I expect the same from this new unit.

4 of 5 stars Cedar Rapids, IA
Date created: 2015-10-17

Furnace replacement

It is a very clean unit. So far it is performing much better than the last unit I had. I like the way the filters are placed in the unit doors as they dont have to be bent now like they used to be. Coleman has always fulfilled my and my family's needs and I have had pretty good luck with them. The jury is still out for now but with a new furnace and air conditioner we should be good to go for a while now.

5 of 5 stars Des Moines, IA
Date created: 2015-01-08

Mobile Home furnace replacement

My 21-year-old furnace decided to break down at 4 a.m. on one of the coldest nights in Iowa; it was -17, with a -30 wind chill. I remember hearing about Service Legends from commercials/radio, and they didn't charge extra for 24-hour service. The initial repairmen found out my blower went & that my furnace had been leaking carbon monoxide! For the next 2 days, everyone I worked with at Service Legends lived completely up to 100% of all their guarantees and everything they offered on their website. Friendly employees, excellent service and prompt attention to all my needs! They made sure I made it through the night and let me borrow 2 space heaters. Service Legends helped make a potentially life- threatening situation very bearable! Since I live in a mobile home, I was quite limited in choices of furnaces. But my salesman assured me that this model will be more energy efficient as well. I am extremely satisfied with the excellent customer service at Service Legends!

5 of 5 stars Minot, ND
Date created: 2014-12-10

Great contractor

I am very pleased with North Central Services, Minot, ND. They arrived in a matter of a couple hours after being called. They checked the furnace, decided it could not be repaired and needed to be replaced, and were there the next day to install a new one. They were willing to work with me on a payment plan. They have very courteous and polite service people. The installer recommended this brand so that is what I went with. The options for a mobile home are not that great, but I am very happy with the furnace.

5 of 5 stars Butte, MT
Date created: 2014-12-04

Coleman furnace

Very satisfied with the purchase. Easy to install, with no modifications required to the home or furnace. Just be aware that your house will have a smell as the oil on the heat exchanger burns off.

5 of 5 stars Lake Orion, MI
Date created: 2014-09-16

Fast and very friendly service

Very friendly and fast service, and they were very knowledgeable. The workers did the work in a timely manner.

5 of 5 stars odessa tex
Date created: 2014-07-02


Dependable service great price. Very good service in the past 30 years.

1 of 5 stars Fort Wayne, Indiana
Date created: 2012-10-05


I had this furnace installed 3 years ago. I have had to replace pressuse switches every year at $200.00 a piece. Last year my installer said Coleman had problems with the switch and redesigned it. Cross my fingers $600.00 later it works this year. I have had a coleman at my last home that lasted 25 years and no problem. I even sent Coleman a E-mail in regard to this issue and never heard a word from them. Where did their customer service go?

1 of 5 stars colorado springs, co
Date created: 2012-09-07

Piece of crap

Purchased this furnace with a/c in September of 2011 and have had to have the blower motor replaced four times in four months. Don't buy this is a lemon.

1 of 5 stars kalamazoo mich
Date created: 2012-02-13


I live in a double wide mobile home-my husband and I purchased it brand new in 2002- 4 days ago the furnace went out-when I called "the furnace guy" to look at it they told me - they could not fix it as there were 3 very large and deep cracks in the wall of the furnace, and it has been leaking carbon monoxide gas, and if they did try to fix it-it would catch the insullation on fire. they showed me these large cracks, and also informed me that the furnace was too large for this mobile home- another reason why it was not efficient! When I called coleman with this information-they told me that the warranty of that model was expired last year-and it was not their problem. lesson do not ever buy a coleman furnace!

1 of 5 stars Defiance, Ohio
Date created: 2012-01-03

Stuck babysitting pressure switch

Bought before I retired so I wouldn't have to worry about keeping warm. Had to extend stack, replace induced draft fan assembly, igniter, circuit board has hot spot on it, it may turn to toast. Am babysitting combustion air switch. Is stuck closed as the diagnostic light flashes. Want to scream or is that cry!!!!!!!

1 of 5 stars Reno nv
Date created: 2011-12-05

Night Mare Heating

I have had this Night Mare Coleman Furnace Model # DGAA056BDT* for 3 nights and it is so noisy and loud I can't sleep . Comes on and off every hour. Blows warm air instead of Hot. I turned it off for the night and in the morning it took 3 hours for the temperature to rise 10 degrees. I am really disappointed in this furnace. I am going to have my old one replaced.

1 of 5 stars Perry, Mi.
Date created: 2011-11-02

Furnace Is Junk

This Coleman DGAA077BDT* furnace was a replacement for a 21 year old Intertherm. Soon after the contractor installed the furnace we started having problems. At the beginning of every heating season from 2005 until present, we have had to replace pressure switches and ignitors. The outer doors have plastic holders that have been broken by service men removing doors. The filters do not stay in place when you replace them. This heating season, another ignitor and pressure switch problem and then the contractor discovered a 4 inch crack in the heat exchanger. The contractor himself called the unit "a lousey lemon which should be replaced by the factory" I have written to Coleman Heating and Cooling 3 different times about the furnace and have never received a response. The contractor and the distributor both claim to have been fighting with Coleman for a replacement, but to no avail. They finally replaced the heat exchanger, but wanted $890 labor to install. Told them we couldn't afford that so they "reduced" it to $400. We are in our 80's on social security and can't afford this kind of ripoff. Finally hired a different contractor and he has the furnace running at present. Of course this cost us another service call and parts. Coleman should be banned from making these kinds of products.

1 of 5 stars Northeastern, OH
Date created: 2011-01-28

2 pieces of JUNK

Unfortunately, we bought 2 furnaces, dgaa090bdta and dgah077bbsa, they are both junk! Replaced several parts on the dgah, ignitors (twice), blow motor and circuit board and now it has a hole in the heat exchanger. Repairman checked the other and it's already cracked. Should have left the old less efficent models in, because the newer ones are much less efficent once you consider all the repair bills. Will never buy or recommend Coleman again!

1 of 5 stars Glenevis, Alberta, Canada
Date created: 2010-12-16

Mobile Home

Jan 2009 We replaced 20 Year Mobile Furnace with a Coleman DGAA077BDTB..(same model of furnace someone else is Very unsatisfied with) and Feb 2010 had to have Combustion Air switch replaced at over $360 as our one year warranty was over... My husband said he did not know about the one year Warranty or he would never have bought it. When the fellow came out to replace the Switch he advised us to buy another( $360) as they are the first to go. also when the furnace turns on The Combustion Air switch is the first to come on and oh is it noisy...some times it wakes us up. Any way as of Dec 16 2010 the Combustion switch is getting loader and the squirrel Cage is making a few extra rounds after the furnace shuts down... so another $360 and hopeful only a bearing. I have a letter in with Coleman now, but from all the review I have read they are not going to Stand by their name going to be buying some floor heater as I am sure it will break down this winter. Must be prepared...sad to say DO NOT buy Coleman

1 of 5 stars
Date created: 2009-07-30

Coleman furnace

Just replaced our old coleman furnace with a new one.We live in a mobile home with the furnace close to the bedrooms this new coleman furnace model #dgaa077bdtb is very noisy at least twice as much as the old one.If only I new I would of kept the old one.How are we now going to sleep at night this winter.

Other DGAA Reviews

Based on reviews from around the web, DGAA is regarded as a quality HVAC unit.

Consumers who purchased the product at state the unit was

easy to install and the small size was ideal for a mobile home.

Another review noted the DGAA offers increased energy efficient when run on propane

and boasts quiet operation. Contributors also added that the filter is easier to find than

previous models.

Forums on discussed system malfunctions with this unit after a few

years of operation. Many of the responses indicated the warranty will cover most issues.

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Coleman DGAA Model Numbers

The DGAA is available in different models which vary in efficiency and capacity.

Model Number AFUE BTUs per Hour
DGAA056BDT* 80 56,000
DGAA070BDT* 80 70,000
DGAA077BDT* 80 77,000
DGAA090BDT* 80 90,000

DGAA Warranty

Coleman offers a 2 year parts and labor warranty with 10 year heat exchanger warranty

for the DGAA series. Consumers must register their products through the Coleman

website to receive the full warranty.

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