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Carrier WeatherMaker 9200 Furnace

2.3 of 5 stars 7 reviews | #14 of 21 Furnaces
Updated: Jan 30, 2019 | Read more about Carrier Furnaces | WeatherMaker 9200 Warranty

Overview of WeatherMaker 9200

The Carrier Weathermaker 9200 gas furnace is not currently manufactured by the company; the last listing of the product from Carrier is dated 2001. The Weathermaker 9200 can achieve an AFUE of 95.5 percent and features two heat exchangers to obtain maximum heating from the fuel consumed. The Weathermaker 9200 is part of the same series as Carrier's 58 MCA and Weathermaker Infinity. Using the air from outside for combustion and venting, the Weathermaker 9200 is equipped with various safety and efficiency features. The furnace uses an automatic ignition system instead of a pilot flame that stays on continuously.

Furnace Filters for the Carrier WeatherMaker 9200

Air Flow Configuration Cabinet Width Filters
All 17-1/2" 1 16x25x1 filter
All 21" 1 20x25x1 filter
All 24-1/2" 1 16x25x1 filter

Consumer Reviews of the WeatherMaker 9200

2.3 2.3 of 5 stars 7 reviews
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  • Somewhat Satisfied
  • Neutral
  • Somewhat Unsatisfied
  • Very Unsatisfied
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5 of 5 stars Wisconsin
Date created: 2019-01-30

Has done us well.

I have had this furnace since 1994. So just about 25 years now of Wisconsin winters. Now looking at probably replacing since, well, you never know when done is here. It has worked well. We usually have it cleaned and inspected every year, though sometimes we have not. That runs a $100. This is a maintenance cost that should be considered part of the game on any furnace. I think we have had some repairs done on it, but I expect that. Nothing terribly unusual or scary. If you are a cheap ass and think that you never ever have to fix or maintain stuff, well you may be the person that gets minimal life out of all your goods anyway. But this has served us well.

1 of 5 stars Ohio
Date created: 2019-01-25


This unit suffered a major failure of an exchanger, something to do with plastic and metal exchanger guts falling apart requiring a major repair bill the furnace dealer said it was common for the plastic coating on the exchanger to fail, making the unit worthless.

1 of 5 stars Beech Mountain, NC
Date created: 2018-08-22


Purchased 2 in 2003 for my Beech Mountain home and they have never let me down. Very low maintenance.

5 of 5 stars Ontario, Canada
Date created: 2017-11-13

Great furnace

We had this furnace installed October 1996 and it's still going strong (November, 2017). However, I did have the module (mother board) replaced (@ about $325.) in 2001 (which I did myself) but other than that we've had no problems. Looking to replace it in the future because they say they only last 15-20 years and ours is 21 years but still working great.

1 of 5 stars Mt . Vernon, WA
Date created: 2012-01-30

Carrier Weather maker 9200= Junk

This was supposed to be a top shelf furnace and yet it has needed a service call every year I have had it for some type of repair. When it is running it is efficient however when I have to pay for a $150 service call every year it makes it an expensive furnace to own. Lots of different issues have come up with this now my inducer fan has broken and it is a $500 part replacement so I am looking for a new furnace. Does someone want a rusty and unreliable furnace for a cheap price???

1 of 5 stars Wadsworth, OH
Date created: 2011-12-12

Secondary heat exchanger warranty

My review is based on their secondary heat exchanger warranty. Carrier had a lawsuit dealing with this problem, but you had to file by 2008 to benefit from it. Although they still have a warranty that states that they will pay for the part and labor for 20 years (or maybe even lifetime now). Well when I attempted to receive my warranty claim The carrier technicians were not willing to do the warranty labor for what Carrier was willing to pay them. I got the serious run around from both the company and the dealers. First you had to have a licensed Carrier dealer give you a $80 - $100 confirmation that it is broken, then they give you a bloated estimate, $500 - $600 over what Carrier the company is willing to pay. Therefore trying to sell you a new furnace instead. I went back and forth between them for a weak without heat. Each time I called a different installer they insisted on another $80 -$100 estimate!??! I finally gave up and got a better more efficient Rheem furnace at a less price than there so called, $500 discounted price. I will never, never, never deal with any Carrier associated company again!

2 of 5 stars Kansas City, MO
Date created: 2009-01-22

Carrier HX's

Weathermaker 9200 58mxa100-16) High efficiency furnace has run good since I bought the house in 2003. Recently had what I suspected to be a cracked heat exchanger since I was getting exhaust smell in the house. (Which Carrier claims won't happen) Did some research and found a settlement in 2008 from a class action suit against Carrier. They are supposed to replace the hx and pay the 4hrs labor to do it. If someone is saying they will replace it and charge you labor they are ripping you off. read the settlement - you can find it on-line. Under no circumstances is the customer to be charged more. I called a couple of authorized Carrier installers and they didn't even know about the settlement. They also offer a "discount" if you want to just install a new system instead of replace a bad part with another bad part. That's probably the best option, but the discount doesn't offset the hefty price tag.

Other WeatherMaker 9200 Reviews

A Carrier Weathermaker 9200 owner asks on why his furnace will not turn on. He has tried various fixes; the expert responds that it is probably the blower motor, which they say is not a terribly expensive repair. Several additional posts on this form are about problems with blowers in this unit. features a discussion about a Weathermaker 9200 that turns off and on too often. The owner seems to think the furnace is perhaps too large for the home. This idea reiterates a point that the experts on the forums frequently repeat: the installation is the most important part of new HVAC equipment. The experts add that in this case a load calculation should have been performed before installation to determine the proper size.

Question and Answer


Carrier Weathermaker: One fast blink, then a long, then two fast. Any idea what that means?


These blinks represent the fault/error code for the furnace. To see what they may mean please go here and look at pages 8 and 9: This manual will provide an explanation of the error code.

Here is the meaning of each of the codes:

  • Red light 1 on continuously means furnace is operating in emergency heat.
  • Red light 2 on continuously means the microprocessor board has malfunctioned.
  • Yellow light on continuously means furnace is operating in high heat.
  • Green light on continuously means furnace is operating in low heat.
  • The status codes are a 2 digit number. The first digit is determined by the number of flashes of the yellow light and the second digit is determined by number of flashes of the green light.
  • Question:

    What to do if I have a code 31?


    An error code 31 refers to a malfunction related to the pressure switch, which is a safety device to ensure proper flow of either air or water through the furnace (depending on the type of heating medium). If the pressure is incorrect the switch cuts power to the entire furnace thereby preventing risk of fire and/or extreme damage to the furnace.


    Blinking red light on the Carrier Weathermaker 9200.


    According to the diagnostic notes for the Carrier Weathermaker 9200, red light 1 on continuously means furnace is operating in emergency heat and red light 2 on continuously means the microprocessor board has malfunctioned.


    What does a Code 14 mean?


    A fault code of 14 or 34 refers to an ignition lockout or ignition proving fault. You can find a list of the unit's fault codes and their descriptions on page 9 of your user manual.


    I have 2 Carrier WeatherMaker 9200s. LED light indicator flashes long once, three times short, and is not functioning.

    I have owned these furnaces for 10 years. Now they're cycling on and off, not heating house. Technician came to look. Didn't find anything, but got it going again for $200. 3 weeks later it has failed again.


    On 2013-02-07 JB wrote:

    This sounds like an error code 13, which is a limit circuit lockout. It is also related to an error code 33, which is a limit circuit fault. What this second one means is that you my have an excessively dirty filter, blocked vent, faulty blower motor, or some other issue that is affecting airflow into and through the furnace. To learn more you can read the owner's manual here.

    It may be that the HVAC tech changed the filter or tried a relatively simple fix first. You should probably have him come back and take a second crack at it.

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Carrier WeatherMaker 9200 Model Numbers

The WeatherMaker 9200 is available in different models which vary in efficiency and capacity.

Model Number AFUE BTUs per Hour
58MXA040-08 94.3 40,000
58MXA040-08* 92.9 40,000
58MXA040-12 95.5 40,000
58MXA040-12* 94 40,000
58MXA060-08 93.1 60,000
58MXA060-08* 91.7 60,000
58MXA060-12 93.1 60,000
58MXA060-12* 91.7 60,000
58MXA060-16 93.1 60,000
58MXA060-16* 91.7 60,000
58MXA080-12 93.1 80,000
58MXA080-12* 91.7 80,000
58MXA080-16 93.1 80,000
58MXA080-16* 91.7 80,000
58MXA080-20 93.1 80,000
58MXA080-20* 91.7 80,000
58MXA100-16 93.1 100,000
58MXA100-16* 91.7 100,000
58MXA100-20 93.1 100,000
58MXA100-20* 91.7 100,000
58MXA120-20 93.1 120,000
58MXA120-20* 91.7 120,000
58MXA140-20 92.6 138,000
58MXA140-20* 91.2 138,000

WeatherMaker 9200 Warranty

Carrier offers a lifetime limited warranty on the heat exchanger in the Weathermaker 9200, and a 5-year parts limited warranty.

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