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CARRIER Performance Furnace

#1 of 19 CARRIER Furnaces

Updated: Feb 24, 2016

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Overview of the Performance

There is no actual Carrier Performance furnace series. Instead, there are several different Performance series.

Carrier Performance furnaces are efficient, quiet and durable, according to the manufacturer, and include the Performance 80, which has a variable-speed blower motor and an efficiency of 80.0% AFUE; Performance 90, with a multi-speed blower motor and an AFUE of up to 92.1%; the discontinued Performance 93, which had an AFUE of up to 93%; Performance 95, featuring two-stage operation and an AFUE of up to 96.7%; Performance 96, with an efficiency of up to 96.7%; Performance Boost 80, featuring a multi-speed ECM blower motor and an AFUE of up to 80%; and the Performance Boost 90, which is Ideal Humidity System technology capable and has an efficiency of up to 96.5% AFUE.

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Date created: 2011-10-19 Name: plavoy
Location: San Leandro
Years owned: 4

Satisfaction Rating:

5 of 5 stars

"58ctx090-19 2 stage 80%"
Four years with my furnace and not a problem. Furnace is installed in my hallway closet. It is quiet. Hardly hear it's running. I chose two stage just for that fact. It maintains on low speed. I recommend this Carrier 58ctx090 unit.

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