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Carrier Infinity Furnace

2.6 of 5 stars 19 reviews | #10 of 21 Furnaces
Updated: Dec 12, 2018 | Read more about Carrier Furnaces | Infinity Warranty

Overview of Infinity

There is no actual Carrier Infinity furnace series. Instead, there are several different Infinity series, including the Infinity 80, Infinity 96, Infinity 98 and Infinity ICS.

Carrier Infinity furnaces include condensing and non-condensing units, including the Infinity 80, a two-stage unit with an efficiency of up to 80% AFUE; the Infinity 96, a two-stage, Energy Star rated furnace with an AFUE of up to 96.7%; and the discontinued Infinity ICS, a variable-speed modulating furnace with an efficiency of up to 95% AFUE.

Consumer Reviews of the Infinity

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1 of 5 stars East Greenbush,NY
Date created: 2018-12-12

Lots of Problems

Purchased Summer 2017. Replaced unit immediately after install since malfunctioned. One month later had to replace again for a new unit. Next an exhaust unit needing to be rebuilt. Also not able to easily get settings to meet my houses requirements so constantly freezing up and asking for filter replacement until techs finally figured how to handle air flow. This weeks fun is the smell of gas but no leak.

2 of 5 stars Monetreal, Quebec, Canada
Date created: 2017-04-01

Infinity series Air exchange

System is loud. Customer service is bad: two main things 1. System been installed for a year and still they cannot get the thermostat to work well. 2. They cannot commit to proper service for maintenance. 3. They are hard to reach.

1 of 5 stars Brantford, ON Canada
Date created: 2017-02-07


Two repairs in 8 years for a total cost of $ 2456.81, not covered by warranty. Obviously I have a "lemon" Spoke with a senior customer service rep today. Nothing she could do for me. Your product needs to do more quality control . My last outdated furnace lasted for 22 years with only maintenance required not one repair !!!

5 of 5 stars Northern Michigan
Date created: 2014-01-13

20 Years

I am planning to replace my 20 year old quiet Infinity furnace. Though, the inducer is making lots of noise on a regular basis now. The assembly is pricy to replace, seems crazy to spend that kind of money on an older furnace. Up to now, other than regular maintenance, the only cost was an igniter a few years ago. After 20 years, this furnace owes me nothing. Thanks Carrier. Still looking at bids from Amana and American Standard too. Maybe even price out a Trane....

5 of 5 stars Buffalo Grove IL
Date created: 2013-04-28


I see lots of complaints with Carrier here, but nowhere do I see any complaints about the hvac company that installed these units - which is more than likely the culprit. Did the hvac company just install the unit without checking the existing duct work? Was a load calculation done to determine the proper size of the furnace? Were the installers nate Certified? If you answered no to any of these questions the onus is on you for your miseries. Cheap installation prices has never produced satisfaction regardless of brand. As two year owner of an Infinity system I have had zero issues, but then again I hired a good installer and I have my system checked yearly - are you?

1 of 5 stars Canton,Ohio
Date created: 2013-04-03

Infinity Series problems

Installed new furnace and a/c 6-2010.On 9-2010service for blown fuse.Rewire by service man. 5-2011 service call, tech says bad relay, problem goes on for a month. Technician here twice more. Finally 6-2011 new control board installed. New thermostat 1-2012.My charge New humidistat 2-2013.My charge Inducer motor sounds like a jet engine spooling up for take off. Tech comes takes unit apart.Checks everything. Puts back together. Sound gone. Nobody knows why and my charge. Now my last furnace only lasted 24 years and in that time was checked twice and cleaned once. Regular stuff. That furnace was a Bard.

1 of 5 stars Winnipeg
Date created: 2012-12-11

Carrier Infinity

Piece of junk. Have had the system since house was purchased new (7 years ago). In total have had service down to look at it 5 times. Two years ago motor in the hrv failed, motor just failed again. Bill is $844.00 Only thing worse than the Carrier unit is their customer service. All I got to talk too was too ladies who's only experience in the industry is to provide lip service too people who are dissatisfied with the product. Got a call from Carrier rep saying sorry off of warranty. Bad luck two motors going in under two years. Merry bleeping XMAS to you too Carrier. BUY AT OWN RISK!!!!!!!!!! At least at Sears you can buy extended warranty.

1 of 5 stars maryland
Date created: 2012-11-06

Carrier Infinity, has fatal flaw, do not buy

Replaced my 12 year old unit with carrier infinity as suggested by SMO DMO of Maryland. Unit was installed end September, it was warm started ac and unit failed has to call repair, replaced outside unit thermostat which failed in new unit. Cold started and switched to heat, oh my it was shoecker. message unit flashes " malfunction ". Had 5 calls for repair, at least 8 different technicians have come and cannot figure out what the problem is. Still have a brand new carrier infinity malfunction which no one knows whats wrong and how to fix. I made a fatal mistake for buying carrier infinity please do not buy this unit even if selling hvac tries to talk to you into this unit.

5 of 5 stars Bellingham, WA
Date created: 2012-08-07

Furnace ate a bird, but otherwise wonderful

Company who installed missed the birdblock on the intake and my furnace ate a bird right away and died, however, the installing company replaced the inducer for free and have had no other issues with the furnace whatsoever. Having a staging furnace is awesome!

5 of 5 stars Toronto
Date created: 2012-04-18

Brilliant - No Heat Exchange concerns here

My Carrier Infinity furnace installed by Sears has been amazing. Quiet, very efficient on electricity (true ecm Variable Motor, not x13 dc which uses twice as much electricity) The alarms when off about the heat exchanger issue, but when I researched more, I found the law suits were thrown out because the failure rate was far less than most other brands, and it seems it was just a greedy litigious American who started it all; someone who used propane in a natural gas furnace (burns hotter)and refused to take responsibility for their actions. Typical "not my fault" law suit. In any Case Carrier as waged the consumer fear by making the Warranty 20 years labor and lifetime parts in the heat exchanger in question. I understand they don't use that style heat exchanger on the 2012 furnaces. Kinda wish I held off for the full modulating Infinity now. 60 stages! Carrier and Sears are companies with reputations to defend, so I will always go back to a company with longevity. And they took our a Hydro Permit for the job. Didn't know I needed one, but the ESA and your home insurance will tell you otherwise. Plus I get lots of perks from Sears. I hear the Infinity series have 12 years parts and labor now. Can I trade up Sears?

1 of 5 stars Greenville, Illinois
Date created: 2012-01-22

I'm Cold

It was in the house when I purchased the house. It isn't very old it was a selling point of the house -- the furnace came with all the bells and whistle. I have had the repairmen out 3 times for repairs I have even had them come out and do a maintenance check before winter. Now again I'm without heat. I will have to decide in the next 24 hours to repair or replace. It will depend on the cost to repair this time. In the last three years I could have bought a new one.

1 of 5 stars Calgary
Date created: 2011-10-16


We have 3 Carrier MVC80 furnaces in the house with Honeywell electrostatic air filters. As of now 2 of the air cleaners failed, transformers burned out, and 2 inducer motors on the furnaces have failed. Far from impressed. Stay away from Carrier, their quality control is terrible.

3 of 5 stars Toronto, Ontario
Date created: 2010-09-28

Carrier is the problem

I bought a Carrier Infinity, furnace and the and I had a couple of problemsimmediately after install. First of all the contractor did not properly slope the Exhaust vent. Water was pooling in the vents runs. The next thing was the noise. Carrier says theirs are the quietest...yes the quietest when they don't come on! the noise from the air flow was horrible, it whistled through the vents, found out the unit wasn't set up right. Even after setup it still whistled. The fancy infinity control that Carrier says you need to buy, dont. A Carrier tech told me the infinities work well with any thermostat, in the Carriers it's not the actual control, but the control board in the furnace that does all the work. Its only marketing. The tech blamed Carrier for a lot of the problems he faces because they will give dealarships to anyone, all their interested in is moving boxes. So dont believe the hype and make sure you buy from a real HVAC contractor,

1 of 5 stars columbus ga
Date created: 2010-09-24

Bought a Carrier, wish i bought a Goodman

I bought a carrier infinity system now 3yrs old. the first year i bought it the tvx valve thing went bad. so they had to order it. so i only had to go with out cooling for 3wks with my new ac. then the following year the coil in the attic leaked freezon. so after paying for some freezon and a week later for a coil to come in, i had pay 550 for labor. not a bad deal seeing as how the coil lasted two months and the new one started leaking!!! so after paying for freezon again they replaced it no labor. the winter time rolls around and the sensor thing in it is bad they tell me and wont heat. they replace the sensor thing and it still doesnt work!!!!! the tech then says he has to replace the wall thermoatat and the board controls in the indoor and outdoor unit! wtf? the unit starts to heat for once. i asked what the problem was and the tech says dont worry about it one of the parts fixed it. i was told that its normal for these units like this to act up. well i wish it was normal for them to work properly!!!!!! i have a 4 yr old goodman upstairs. i had one part go bad. they charged 75 dollars labor and no problems since. i could have bought a goodman for what ive paid out in labor and service charges so for to get my carrier to half ass work so far!!! not happy at all!

5 of 5 stars baltimore, maryland
Date created: 2010-08-23

Infinity gas heat and electric a/c

I have a two zone infinity gas furnace (40k btuh @ furnace at high fire) and infinity 21 A/C units nominal 2 tons on high but the units deliver closer to 30 k btu's I think. They tend to run on low most of the time and the dehumidification is superb. At 75 degrees summer my home feels cooler than it did at 70 degrees with the old tempstar system, not to mention the operating cost is about 1/2 of what the tempstar system was. in fairness to the tempstar system it served me well for 17 years which I think is great. The carrier infinity furnaces keep my home more comfortable for a FRACTION of the cost it took to keep my house uncomfortably cold with my old oil steam boiler. it literally costs about 20% of what the oil burner cost to run and instead of keeping the house 60-65 degrees i can keep the house 70-75 degrees for a fraction of the cost and a fraction of the energy usage. perry hall hvac of the baltimore, maryland area did a SUPERB job installing the units and I would recommend both carrier infinity and perry hall without reservation.

1 of 5 stars
Date created: 2010-08-04

Carrier junk, poor service

I've spent four days now trying to get a grip on what is causing problems with a Carrier Infinity System. The unit is installed on a friend's home. I'm a general contractor, and the local Carrier dealer is no longer welcome on this jobsite. This Carrier unit is about 3 years old. It was installed on existing ductwork. Through my efforts, and a bunch of phone time with Carrier tech support, I'm of the opinion that this system is way over-sold and way under-engineered. The static pressure reading mechanism is factory calibrated for sea level, and does not account for elevation changes, so you have to know how much to allow for based on your elevation - not a critical issue but a hassle just the same. The "Replace Air Filter" notification is constantly on. The coil is clean, and the return ducting is adequately sized, and the supply duct is adequately sized - all according to readings taken from the controller. Even with the coil cabinet cover removed, the static pressure reads as being too high. Tech support's recommendation is to simply turn the notification feature off, but that's not what the customer paid for. Tech support verified the components used on this unit is a matched set, which leads me to think the coil and coil cabinet are simply too small and will not allow sufficient airflow. This design "flaw" only exacerbates any issues one might have with insufficient ductwork. I suggested to tech support that maybe the controller or some other component might be defective and giving us incorrect static pressure readings. He told me all was well and that the unit is working properly, but to just turn the dirty filter notification off and problem solved. Even with the controller set on "Auto", the unit cycles on and off. The blower always runs on high until the unit reaches temp, then the unit shuts down completely. It acts as if the unit is running on a standard thermostat. The blower on the infinity is supposed to run at variable speed, with the compressor cycling on and off per demand - but the blower should never stop running. Tech support tells me the unit knows what it needs to do and is functioning properly - bullcrap. We only have one Carrier dealer in our town, and the homeowner does not want him back on the job. The tech support guy is tired of talking to me, most likely because I have identified the problem and there is no (Carrier available) solution. He's tired of making excuses and covering for a design flaw. Just like the local Carrier dealer, the tech support guy is hoping we'll just get frustrated and go away. If someone tries to sell you a Carrier, you'd best run like H*ll!

1 of 5 stars
Date created: 2010-07-12

Carrier Infinity System

We are extremely disappointed in our Carrier Infinity system. It's quiet and efficient, when it's working, but that's it. The system was installed in 2004 and is on its 3rd motherboard and 3rd blower motor/module. The most recent blower motor just went out after the factory warranty was up, and it's not cheap. It's ridiculous for us to have to spend so much money to keep a system going. I would not recommend a Carrier to anyone, and I will never buy a Carrier again, period.

4 of 5 stars
Date created: 2010-01-18

Carrier Infinity

I had a Carrier furnace installed last June. It was an Infinity Model. It is the quietest furnace I have ever had just as promised and does a much better job of warming the whole house. I also had them replace the air conditioner. I was a little upset as it was much larger than my old one, but once I heard it run I was amazed. Carrier is the quietest on my street and now all my neighbors want one too. It was not a cheap system but you get what you pay for. Make sure you ask about the size of the A/C.

5 of 5 stars Spring Grove, IL
Date created: 2008-12-01

Love Carrier

We've Sold/Installed Many brands over the years. Carrier, Trane, Goodman, Lennox, Comfortmaker. Carrier is absolutely the best in quality, efficiency, and Customer service and support. The Infinity is the best all around system on the market hands down. We'll never sell anything else.

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