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Carrier Infinity 96 Furnace

1.8 of 5 stars 24 reviews | #18 of 21 Furnaces
Updated: Feb 2, 2019 | Read more about Carrier Furnaces | Infinity 96 Warranty

Overview of Infinity 96

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The Carrier Infinity 96 is a precision-engineered gas furnace with IdealHumidity™ to ensure a constant, comfortable temperature in the home. The Infinity 96 is Energy Star rated in all sizes, with an AFUE of up to 96.7%. This is a two-stage, 4-way multipoise model with a variable speed blower motor. It will operate in low stage up to 90% of the time to prevent temperature swings, save energy, and provide quieter performance. The design of the Carrier Infinity 96 Furnace is CSA certified. The Infinity 96 is part of Carrier's Infinity Series furnace line.

Furnace Filters for the Carrier Infinity 96

Air Flow Configuration Cabinet Width Filters
All 17-1/2" 2 16x25x1 filters
All 21" 1 16x25x1 filter 1 20x25x1 filter
All 24-1/2" 2 16x25x1 filters 1 24x25x1 filter

Consumer Reviews of the Infinity 96

  • Very Satisfied
  • Somewhat Satisfied
  • Neutral
  • Somewhat Unsatisfied
  • Very Unsatisfied
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1 of 5 stars Chicago, IL
Date created: 2019-02-02

Terrible Furnace and service

First, the blower motor failure as many others has reported. Second, during the polar vortex, the second did not kick in and caused our house to almost freeze. What a waste of money.

1 of 5 stars Edmonton, AB
Date created: 2018-09-24

Unreliable high efficient furnace

Installed this unit in 2012, was sold on the fact that it was the best high efficient unit on the market. Paid a lot of money for it. In 2016, it stops blowing heat. The furnace would turn on, but the heat is not coming out. Called a technician, he said that it's the inducer motor, luckily it was replaced under warranty. This year, 2018, tried to turn on the furnace, it started doing the same thing. Will have to call the tech again, but this time will have to pay out of pocket. Carrier used to be a good brand, but these kind of shenanigans are going to cost them their market share. I see from all the reviews, this unit is problematic. Carrier knows about it, but doesn't care.

1 of 5 stars Calgary, CA
Date created: 2018-08-09

Done with Carrier

Professionally installed in 2007. In 2013, the inducer motor crapped out and we called a technician to replace it in the dead of winter. Now it's the spring of 2018 and I'm replacing the inducer motor yet again. Over $2000 of repairs in 11 years. Whatever we saved in natural gas bills because of this "high-efficiency" unit was lost in repair costs. Carrier discontinued the flakey inducer motor originally supplied with these units in 2015, but to the best of my knowledge, no recall notice was issued. Will not be buying any more Carrier products.

1 of 5 stars T.O Markham
Date created: 2018-05-27

No trouble at all

Installed Sept 14, 2006 no problems at all. Replace furnace with good filters every 3 months. Have air ducks cleaned when needed.

1 of 5 stars Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
Date created: 2018-02-09

Totally Unreliable Furnace

Bought the Infinity 96 in Oct 2007 from Sears Canada and 2 years after in April 2009 it started to malfunction. It was leaking fluid and not communicating with the thermostat. The pressure sensor and pressure switch had to be replaced. It's now Feb 9th 2018, the dead of winter and the inducer motor is dying. There is no warranty because 5 years have gone and the furnace is just a few months over 10 years old. But this is supposed to be Carrier -- the much touted furnace for reliability and performance. The only warranty left on the furnace is the heat exchanger, so I will repair it till it dies (in 10 years would be a Godsend). I do not recommend this furnace even with all the rebates -- provided it comes with a ton of warranties.

1 of 5 stars Mississauga
Date created: 2018-02-09

Unreliable and a total disappoitment

I bought the Infinity 96 in 2007 from Sears and 2 years after the pressure sensor and pressure switch went defective and the furnace leaked fluid. O had no heat. Then in January 2018, in the dead of winter and as I write on Feb 9th 2018, I am looking to get the inducer motor replaced because it is dying and making a loud humming noise. I decided to keep the furnace because the heat exchanger has limited lifetime warranty. I read that snow blowers are supposed to last more than 10 years on average, let alone a Carrier that is touted to be one of the best in the market! I have to say that the appliance is overpriced, even after all the rebates, and one is paying for its name and perhaps franchise value. I will not buy another Carrier and I don't recommend it unless it's priced very competitively and comes with generous manufacturer's warranties.

1 of 5 stars Saskatoon, SK
Date created: 2017-11-24

7 years old and looking at $2000 in repairs

Purchased and installed the Carrier Infinity 96 in 2009 and until this winter worked well. High pitch squeal/whistle started coming through vents as soon as it was turned on this fall. Called for maintenance and tech told me today that the inducer and blower will need to be replaced in the near future as they are known to go on this model. Cost to replace both about $2000. This unit has been spotless for seven years. Absolutely no reason other than known faults that a furnace this expensive should require such costly repairs less than halfway through its marketed lifespan. Furious with carrier that they did not do a recall on the inducer at the very least since it is a known problem that has failed within and just past warranty.

1 of 5 stars Calgary, Alberta
Date created: 2017-10-31

Ongoing trouble with Carrier 96

The exhaust started to smell, the ignition sometimes wouldn’t work for hours at a time and then would go “poof” when it finally did light. Replaced a gas valve for about $600, and I later became suspicious that was the problem. In fact that didn’t solve the ignition or smelly exhaust problem, and now the co alarms in the house started going off! So replace the condenser for another $600 labor, although part is covered under warranty. The technical expert at this leading Calgary hvac shop admitted to me that high efficiency furnaces don’t really save any money, due to the cost and frequency of repairs. Now 11 months later the exhaust stinks and the alarm shows co in the house, again. I have an appointment with the tech tomorrow.

2 of 5 stars Waukesha, WI
Date created: 2016-11-29

Questionable quality

Installed this unit in Oct. 2005. Within 1 year, the circuit board failed, and although the cost was covered under warranty, the tech said it would have been $900 without coverage. Fast foward to Nov. 2016, and same circuit board failed again. Not to mention water leaks in the unit. I call the original installer and although the Infinity 96 was sold as "top of the line", suddenly we are being hard sold on a new 3 -stage unit. I think a furnace should last longer than 10 years and common circuitry failures indicate a design flaw to me.

1 of 5 stars Racine, WI
Date created: 2016-01-25

Done with Carrier

Furnace installed in 2010. In 2013 had a problem with the inducer motor. Service man oiled the motor as he said it wasn't under warranty. It lasted one year, had to be replaced and they did replace it under warranty. Now in 2016, it's starting to make the same noise again. Not under warranty now, hope it's not the same thing again. No more Carrier products!

4 of 5 stars British Columbia
Date created: 2016-01-05

Experience with this furnace

Installed in 2007, in 2008 no heat; problem with the condensate filter (plugged) - how the heck I don't know! Cleaned by service man and worked well. Then in 2013 the thermostat malfunctioned. This was replaced by the service man. Then again in August 2015 the thermostat was replaced again by the service man. No heat, this worked. Then on January 2nd had no heat again. Now we have to replace the motor unit (there is a motor and a fan together). Cost $850.00 just for the unit. Could hear a rubbing sound from the little motor that is attached to the fan. I was told that this may have to be replaced as it is overheating and cutting off. My old furnace may not have been high efficiency, but it lasted over 30 years with a few service calls. The replacement of this motor unit is about half the cost of a new furnace! Is Carrier screwing people, doing fraudulent advertising? Total cost to get this going could be about $1200.00. This is not high efficiency (only for the Carrier makers).

3 of 5 stars Pennsylvania
Date created: 2015-05-02

Have contractor

I'm a service tech. We sell Trane and Carrier. We dropped Trane. Their stuff got real bad when they went to selling at Home Depot. As far as evaporater coils leaking for air conditioning, you can thank your Uncle Sam for that. It's every company, making the coils metal as thin as possible to meet efficiency standards. In fact, I know of customers that went through two coils in 8 years. And not a Carrier unit, either. If you're dealing with a certified Carrier dealer, some of these problems would be easier solved. I know. Carrier is a great company to deal with. Here is some advice: a high efficiency equipment is great, but all the money you saved on utilities is out the window on repairs unless you have very high bills. For me, I'll be putting a 80% something gas furnace in. And I'll still save money because I'm getting rid of the standing pilot, which cost about $10 a month. And yes, it will be a Carrier gas furnace with A/C and an ECM blower motor to help with comfort.

1 of 5 stars Portland, OR
Date created: 2015-03-22

Won't buy Carrier again

Installed in 2006, the furnace broke down 4 times, and here in 2015 the furnace is leaking water from a rusted-out evaporator. I think a $7200 (with A/C install) furnace should last a hell of a lot longer, considering it's only turned on half the year. I will rebuild it myself, make do. But I will replace it with something better (anything).

5 of 5 stars Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Date created: 2014-11-13

Very satisfied after almost 10 years

We went from a mid-1980's furnace to this high efficiency one in 2004. It has worked without an issue since the install. The high efficiency has reduced our gas consumption and paid for itself years ago. The DC fan also uses less electricity, so savings there both in the winter and in the summer (when the A/C is on).

1 of 5 stars Burlington, Ontario
Date created: 2014-11-04

Do not buy it.

The blower quit after only 3 years, with no warranty. Now, something is making a humming noise. Hmmm...

1 of 5 stars Alberta, Canada
Date created: 2014-09-09

Inducer fan motor failure

This furnace is just over 6 years old. The inducer fan motor failed. Cost of a new one is over $940. The Carrier warranty ran out just over a year ago. Customer care is not interested in any form of assistance. Basically told me to get lost - politely. It would have been easier communicating with a brick! Last time I buy a Carrier product. A motor like this should last the life of the unit.

1 of 5 stars Brookville OH
Date created: 2014-07-23

Carrier is Junk

As part of new construction, the builder installed a Carrier Infinity gas furnace (Model 58mbv) in April 2006. In June 2011, the blower motor went out. Since it was outside of the 5 year waranty, cost to replace was $1,029. In June 2014, started to experience air conditioning problems. Like others that have posted on here, the cause was a leak in the evaporator coils. Cost to replace was $1,500. So in just 3 years, I have shelled out over $2,500 on this piece of junk and the furnace is only 8 years old. I had a Trane furnace and air conditioner in my other house and never had a repair problem with either the furnace or air conditioner in 17 years. Wish now I would have insisted the builder install a Trane furnace and air conditioner. Never again will I have Carrier. If I continue to have problems with this furnace, will cut my losses and replace the Carrier furnace with a Trane furnace.

1 of 5 stars Mississauga, ON
Date created: 2014-01-03

Don't buy a Carrier Product

We purchased an Infinity 96 Furnace in 2005. It has stopped working every winter. Most repairs were not covered under warranty. We purchased the furnace from Cozy Comfort Plus Inc. In Toronto, on and when we complained, they said they'd be happy to sell us another furnace. This year we have a warranty with Direct Energy but they've been out three times in the last three weeks and can't seem to keep it going. It's now 5 degrees in our house. My wife and children are in a hotel. Don't buy a Carrier if you don't want this to happen to you!

1 of 5 stars kentwood, MI
Date created: 2013-06-02

58uvb60-14 2 stage

Had my Carrier installed by one of Carrier's recommended dealer in Kentwood, Michigan. In August of 2010. This would have been my 3rd summer turning our ac on with zero results. Repairman came out, we were his 4th call this week for same unit and same problem, corrosion coil. What was suppose to be a 3-hour warranty job turned into a 2-day process due to the toxic chemicals that were now in. y system. I was also told that, although Carrier is aware of the faulty coil they will not cover the labor. Here is the fun part, a friend of mine in a different town had the same unit installed and all parts and labor were covered. Stay tuned, we will see who is telling the truth soon. Carrier or Kentwood Plumbing and Heating. The biggest issue however is Carrier has a huge issue with the coils and they need to do something about it. We had toxic chemicals in our unit, who's to say if my family was breathing any of that in.

1 of 5 stars Vancouver
Date created: 2012-10-18

Infinity 96

Very disappointed in the Carrier furnace and the company. We bought a Carrier furnace 6 years ago ($5600!) and 5 years later we started having problems. We have had to pay for many service calls and now it's finally broken down- basically, the cost to repair is too high and with no guarantee that something else won't go wrong we figure we may as well invest in a new furnace... but it certainly won't be a Carrier!! ...Nor will I recommend this product to anyone.

1 of 5 stars Ontario, Canada
Date created: 2012-10-09

Not Reliable

Bought the furnace and less than a year out of warranty the ventor motor has died. Carrier would not stand behind the product. For a "so-called" premium product (at least one with a premium price), I would have expected better reliability and at least a customer service department that gave a damn. Parts are very expensive - better to stay away from carrier and buy a product from a manufacturer that is reliable.

1 of 5 stars Alexandria VA
Date created: 2011-11-14

Infinity is Total CRAP! Will never buy carrier again...

Have Infinity hvac system installed brand new in one of my rentals and has had to be serviced at least 3 times a year. Average cost is around $400 for labor and they always have to wait for a part which is "covered" under warranty! Both ac & heat are a problem. Will be going with Trane or sears for other properties. CARRIER SUCKS!

5 of 5 stars
Date created: 2010-02-28

Warm and fuzzy from our Carrier furnace!

We love our Carrier furnace (Infinity 96). The heat is always consistent. It is quiet and it heats our house very evenly. We're moving now and planning on upgrading the furnace in the new place - I don't think that we'll choose any other brand.

5 of 5 stars COTATI. CA.
Date created: 2006-12-20

I have been installing Carrier furnaces since 2000. I have lost count of how many 96% Infinity 58MVB / 58MVP furnaces we have installed and honestlty would not use anything else. As a contractor I can sleep at night knowing that our installations are up and in operation keeping our clients warm and coo, 24/7. For ownership, if I put them in, 88HVAC owns the responsibility of keeping the unit running. They are quiet, long lasting and trouble-free. My mom has one, her neighbor, and my cousins all have a 58MVB in their homes. Oh, by the way, Carrier are at the apex of their brand. Their other brands are good, but are not Carrier. I had two inducers fail on me, on board in the last 6 years. And Carrier replaced it immediately under warranty, no hassles.

Other Infinity 96 Reviews

Comments on HVAC-Talk message boards and heating contractor sites are mixed in opinion but generally favor the Carrier equipment:

  • In the HVAC-Talk forums some posters claim that Carrier's air blowers and inducer motors are loud and rattling but do run consistently and provide good results.
  • Others in the HVAC-Talk forums state that Carrier requires a considerable amount of precision and maintenance to run, but the wiring is easy and consistent with industry standards, and repairs are very easy to conduct.
  • One author at the HVAC-Talk forums claimed that a Carrier's inducer motor failed after 13 years and was easy to fix.
  • Another person, presumably a professional in the heating and cooling industry, insisted Carrier was one of the best brands on the market, in engineering, performance, and dependability.

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Carrier Infinity 96 Model Numbers

The Infinity 96 is available in different models which vary in efficiency and capacity.

Model Number AFUE BTUs per Hour
58MVB040-14* 96.6 40,000
58MVB040-14** 95 40,000
58MVB040-14*** 96.1 40,000
58MVB040-14x 96.6 40,000
58MVB040-14xx 95 40,000
58MVB040-14xxx 96.1 40,000
58MVB060-14* 94.1 60,000
58MVB060-14** 92.7 60,000
58MVB060-14*** 93.7 60,000
58MVB060-14x 94.1 60,000
58MVB060-14xx 92.7 60,000
58MVB060-14xxx 93.7 60,000
58MVB080-14* 94.1 80,000
58MVB080-14** 92.7 80,000
58MVB080-14*** 93.7 80,000
58MVB080-14x 94.1 80,000
58MVB080-14xx 92.7 80,000
58MVB080-14xxx 93.7 80,000
58MVB080-20* 94.1 80,000
58MVB080-20** 92.7 80,000
58MVB080-20*** 93.7 80,000
58MVB080-20x 94.1 80,000
58MVB080-20xx 92.7 80,000
58MVB080-20xxx 93.7 80,000
58MVB100-20* 94.1 100,000
58MVB100-20** 92.7 100,000
58MVB100-20*** 93.7 100,000
58MVB100-20x 94.1 100,000
58MVB100-20xx 92.7 100,000
58MVB100-20xxx 93.7 100,000
58MVB120-20* 94.1 120,000
58MVB120-20** 92.7 120,000
58MVB120-20*** 93.7 120,000
58MVB120-20x 94.1 120,000
58MVB120-20xx 92.7 120,000
58MVB120-20xxx 93.7 120,000
58UVB060-14 95 60,000
58UVB080-14 95 80,000
58UVB080-20 95 80,000
58UVB100-20 95 100,000
58UVB120-20 95 120,000

Infinity 96 Warranty

The Carrier Infinity 96 Furnace comes with a 10-year limited warranty on parts and a lifetime heat exchanger limited warranty. An optional labor warranty is available.

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