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Carrier Infinity 96 Furnace Prices

What is the average price of having the Carrier Infinity 96 gas furnace installed in your house? While a specific figure can be given by a vendor of the same, it is worth noting that figures vary widely based on a number of factors. Many online review sites suggest a base price range between $1,859 and $2,800, although additional accessories, installation costs and taxes are factors that increase the figures significantly.

  • Low installation quote: $4,194
  • High installation quote: $13,000
  • Average installation quote: $7,214

Consumer discussion boards show varying prices for the furnace, which are impacted by regional differences, model specifics and rebates. For example, a consumer in Ontario commented in a forum in 2010 that it would cost him $4,914 to have the Carrier Infinity 96 gas furnace (Model 58MVB060) installed in his home. The figure in the quote included tax.

Another homeowner in central New Jersey received a quote for the Carrier Infinity 96 gas furnace 80,000 BTU with 80 percent efficiency totaling $5,600. In addition to the gas furnace, the quote included a Carrier Performance 15.5 SEER 3 ton air conditioner and a carrier coil. The final figure went down to $4,850 because he qualified for two different rebates: $400 for his AC utility and $350 from Carrier.

In 2009, a Chicago resident in a 1,366-square-foot house received a quote for $9,439 that included this furnace, plus a compatible air conditioner, humidifier, thermostat and filters.

Further south, a Maryland resident shared a quote of $6,200 for adding the 90,000 BTU Infinity furnace, plus 21 SEER air conditioner and coils, to his 2,600-square-foot home. The quote includes local rebates.

In 2012, an Alabama homeowner with an older brick home, received a quote for $13,000 that would not only include the Infinity furnace downstairs, as well as a smaller unit downstairs, and up- and downstairs air-conditioning units.

The highest estimates are those that include higher BTU specs, such as the 80,000 BTU unit that costs about $3,250 -- a contractor's wholesale purchase cost. With installation, the unit's cost rises to anywhere between $4,000 and $12,500, depending on the add-ons one would choose.

A 40,000 BTU Infinity Carrier 96 goes at about $1,859, the 88,000 BTU one at about $2,669 and the 120,000 BTU unit can be found at $2,859. These are approximate prices, excluding contractor fees that vary greatly from one region to another.

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