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Carrier 58MCB Furnace

1.4 of 5 stars 9 reviews | #20 of 21 Furnaces
Updated: Apr 14, 2019 | Read more about Carrier Furnaces | 58MCB Warranty

Overview of 58MCB

The Carrier 58MCB furnace is Carrier's base model in the 58 Series of high-efficiency gas furnaces. Eight other models are available in the 58 Series. The 58MCB is currently manufactured, and can achieve an AFUE of up to 92.1 percent. This furnace provides single stage heating, and can be installed in an upflow, downflow or horizontal manner. The Carrier 58MCB can be vented using one pipe or two.

Furnace Filters for the Carrier 58MCB

Air Flow Configuration Cabinet Width Filters
Upflow / Horizontal 17-1/2" 1 16x25x1 filter
(bottom air return)
Upflow / Horizontal 21" 1 20x25x1 filter
(bottom air return)
Upflow / Horizontal 24-1/2" 1 24x25x1 filter
(bottom air return)
Upflow All 1 16x25x1 filter
(side air return)

Consumer Reviews of the 58MCB

1.4 1.4 of 5 stars 9 reviews
  • Very Satisfied
  • Somewhat Satisfied
  • Neutral
  • Somewhat Unsatisfied
  • Very Unsatisfied
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5 of 5 stars Southeast Michigan
Date created: 2019-04-14

No complaints, great furnace.

Other than the inducer motor being a little loud, we have zero complaints with our unit. It has been virtually maintenance free for over eleven years now. It is cheap to operate and keeps our home comfortable year round.

1 of 5 stars Spring Prairie, WI
Date created: 2017-02-10

Worse furnace ever

I built my new home in 2007 designing the home myself. I left the heating system up to my general contractor to handle. What a mistake! Square footage of the home is 2400 with average ceiling heights of 10'. Heating contractor installed a 58mcb080-10112 forced air furnace and said it would be fine and that it would handle the load. It is single stage but turns on and off every 10 - 20 minutes in the winter at 30 degrees and runs continuously when the temperature is above 75 degrees. Heating contract has been out numerous times and said everything is fine. Why are we cold?? 68 degrees in the house and can't get it to 70 unless I want it to run all the time. Burned up 3 condenser compressors and one fan motor on the furnace. Way under sized for my home. Not Carriers fault but it looked like junk from the first day it was installed and is noise. Looking at replacing it now with other brand. I guess I got carried away by the brand and the contractors.

1 of 5 stars Calgary, Alberta
Date created: 2014-12-17


The unit has condensate run-off issues. This furnace is very unreliable and costly to repair.

1 of 5 stars Edmonton, AB
Date created: 2014-01-05

Worst Furnace EVER

Save your money and get anything but this piece of crap. My third year with this brand new furnace and twice it has stopped working. First time was dirt in the lines and the second, still not sure yet because the furnace just stopped working now. I should of got a Lennox.

1 of 5 stars Thornton, Co
Date created: 2013-12-04

Warranty - A Joke

I have two Carrier furnaces in my home, one upstairs and one down. The upstairs in the attic exhaust blower stopped working just a few months outside the warranty of a new build home. I purchased my house in August and it went out the following 5-years later in the following winter. I donít have ac but will be installing this upcoming year; I was going to purchase twin Carrier units to go with my twin furnaces to the tune of $8000. To my chagrin, I found out that if I had registered my units within 30-days of purchase I would had gotten a 20-year warranty on the furnaces. I fought with Carrier over this and even filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and basically was told to go pound pavement. Who the h**l reads all their warranty fine print within 30- days of moving!?! Who the h**l writes a warranty for a major appliance with this type of caveat!?! Now I have to pay almost $800 to have this fixed! Customer Service? Carrier doesnít offer Customer Service!!! They were even rude on the phone!

1 of 5 stars Saugus, Ma
Date created: 2013-10-04

Model #58MEC080-12

I had a Carrier 58MCB high efficiency gas fired furnace and air conditioner installed on 9/2010. The motor was bad and had to be replaced on 9/2013 only after three years. At a cost of $435.00 to me. The original Carrier 58 series, single speed motor was still running after 27 years. I would not recommend the variable speed motor to anyone.

1 of 5 stars
Date created: 2012-02-13

Base 90 Gas Furnace Model: 58MCB - Defective Part

We've had our Carrier Gas Furnace for 4 mths (albeit the base model), and already had a defective part (Pressure Switch) replaced. Apparently, the technician himself replaced about 40 of the these parts this past year, never mind how many the other technicians replaced. So, how long or how many more defective parts will be replaced before Carrier does something about this and probably other problems. And to think we replaced a 23 yr old Lennox furnace (no problems at all) because it was recommended that for resale purposes it's better to have a high efficiency furnace (whatever the series).

1 of 5 stars Neepawa Mb.
Date created: 2011-11-20

Carrier 58mcb080

Since this carrier 58mcb080 furnace was installed our windows run water in the winter like it is raining inside!!!Installer won't even try to help. Worst 7000.00 we have ever spent, will never buy another carrier of any description!!!

1 of 5 stars Oshawa, Ontario
Date created: 2011-08-13

"Bum" Furnace

I bought a new home in 2007 with a new Carrier furnace; I had anticipated a good working furnace for many years... So far, I've had to bring a Technician in twice because the furnace had broken down...the 1st time was to replace the motherboard, the 2nd time was to replace the blower motor. This furnace has cost me hundreds of dollars (warranty covers parts only and registered Carrier service Technician costs are ridiculous) in repairs already and it's only 4 years old. My warranty expires next year, and I'm dreading what the cost of this "bum" furnace will be then.

Other 58MCB Reviews

A thread on reveals a discussion about different Carrier models, including the 58MCB. One expert says that, even though the 58MCB is a base model, it is part of a high-efficiency series and is a quality product. Another contractor points out that technicians often quote base models because most homeowners want the lowest price possible.

A potential Carrier customer asks on whether or not it would be worthwhile to upgrade from the 58MCB to a model with a variable speed blower, as the 58MCB has a single-speed blower. An expert comments that a variable speed blower provides more comfort and is therefore worthwhile, but it is up to the customer to decide on paying the price difference.

A Carrier 58MCB owner writes on that his blower has been running nonstop in the two months since installation. He had consulted a technician, who did not know why it was continuously running. An expert on the site explains to the owner how to disconnect a wire in the control panel, which will reportedly make the blower run only when the furnace is heating.

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Carrier 58MCB Model Numbers

The 58MCB is available in different models which vary in efficiency and capacity.

Model Number AFUE BTUs per Hour
58MCB040-08* 92.3 40,000
58MCB040-08** 91.2 40,000
58MCB040-08*** 92.1 40,000
58MCB040-08x 92.1 40,000
58MCB040-08xx 91 40,000
58MCB040-12* 92.3 40,000
58MCB040-12** 91.2 40,000
58MCB040-12*** 92.1 40,000
58MCB040-12x 92.1 40,000
58MCB040-12xx 91 40,000
58MCB060-08* 92.3 60,000
58MCB060-08** 91.2 60,000
58MCB060-08*** 92.1 60,000
58MCB060-08x 92.1 60,000
58MCB060-08xx 91 60,000
58MCB060-12* 92.3 60,000
58MCB060-12** 91.2 60,000
58MCB060-12*** 92.1 60,000
58MCB060-12x 92.1 60,000
58MCB060-12xx 91 60,000
58MCB060-16* 92.3 60,000
58MCB060-16** 91.2 60,000
58MCB060-16*** 92.1 60,000
58MCB060-16x 92.1 60,000
58MCB060-16xx 91 60,000
58MCB080-12* 92.3 80,000
58MCB080-12** 91.2 80,000
58MCB080-12*** 92.1 80,000
58MCB080-12x 92.1 80,000
58MCB080-12xx 91 80,000
58MCB080-16* 92.3 80,000
58MCB080-16** 91.2 80,000
58MCB080-16*** 92.1 80,000
58MCB080-16x 92.1 80,000
58MCB080-16xx 91 80,000
58MCB080-20* 92.3 80,000
58MCB080-20** 91.2 80,000
58MCB080-20*** 92.1 80,000
58MCB080-20x 92.1 80,000
58MCB080-20xx 91 80,000
58MCB100-16* 92.3 100,000
58MCB100-16** 91.2 100,000
58MCB100-16*** 92.1 100,000
58MCB100-16x 92.1 100,000
58MCB100-16xx 91 100,000
58MCB100-20* 92.3 100,000
58MCB100-20** 91.2 100,000
58MCB100-20*** 92.1 100,000
58MCB100-20x 92.1 100,000
58MCB100-20xx 91 100,000
58MCB120-20* 92.3 120,000
58MCB120-20** 91.2 120,000
58MCB120-20*** 92.1 120,000
58MCB120-20x 92.1 120,000
58MCB120-20xx 91 120,000
58MCB140-20* 92.3 138,000
58MCB140-20** 91.2 138,000
58MCB140-20*** 92 138,000

58MCB Warranty

Carrier offers a 10-year limited warranty on the 58MCB parts and 20 years on the unitís heat exchanger. The warranty must be registered within 90 days of purchase by the customer; an unregistered furnace receives a 5-year parts warranty and 20 years on the heat exchanger. Secondary owners receive 10 years for parts and 20 years for the heat exchanger on a registered 58 MCB; however, an unregistered secondary furnace is only guaranteed for five years on both warranties.

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