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Bryant Legacy Plus 80 Furnace

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Updated: Apr 2, 2012 | Read more about Bryant Furnaces

Overview of Legacy Plus 80

The Bryant Legacy Line Plus 80 features an 80% AFUE rating and offers several key features to distinguish itself from the Bryant Legacy Line 80 series. The Plus series is enhanced with the QuieTech noise reduction system for quieter operation. This Plus 80 is also equipped with smart fan technology that allows homeowners to adjust the fan speed during operation.

Similar to the base line, Legacy Line Plus is 33.5 inches high and can be installed in all four standard positions with 13 possible venting options to fit most spaces. It's also equipped with a pilot-free PerfectLight ignition for a quick, reliable lighting.

Bryant also offers high efficiency media filters to boost the Legacy Line's performance.


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Other Legacy Plus 80 Reviews

Comments around the web reflect well on the Legacy Line Plus 80. One review on heatpumpprice.net compliments its small size and alternative options to fit homeowners needs. It also notes the unit's especially quiet operation.

Although some consumers report occasional break downs, on gasfuranceguide.com the Plus series, including the Legacy Line Plus 80 received 3.5 out of 5 stars in overall customer satisfaction of the product.

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Legacy Plus 80 Warranty

Homeowners need to register their purchases on bryant.com within 90 days of installation to receive the 5-year parts and 20-year heat exchanger limited warranty Bryant offers. If the products are not registered within the allotted time, the parts warranty period is decreased to 5-years.

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