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Bryant Evolution Plus 95s Furnace

1.8 of 5 stars 12 reviews | #13 of 16 Furnaces
Updated: Apr 10, 2019 | Read more about Bryant Furnaces | Evolution Plus 95s Warranty

Overview of Evolution Plus 95s

The Bryant Evolution Plus 95S furnace is a variable-speed condensing gas furnace that can achieve an AFUE rating of up to 95 percent. The Evolution series is Bryant's top line of furnaces; this series was included in the Evolution lineup as late as 2010. Bryant reports that the Evolution series provides strong humidity control for the homeowner and operates at low decibel levels. The Fan On Plus feature allows the user to adjust continuous fan speeds. The Evolution controls feature a fully-programmable thermostat that, with certain options, can even be controlled away from home by a cell phone.

Furnace Filters for the Bryant Evolution Plus 95s

Air Flow Configuration Cabinet Width Filters
All 16-(height-of-filter-cabinet)" 1 16x25x3-4 filter
All 17-1/2" 1 16x25x3-4 filter
(side air return)
1 16x25x3-4 filter
(bottom air return)
All 20(height-of-filter-cabinet)" 1 20x25x3-4 filter
All 21" 1 16x25x3-4 filter
(side air return)
1 20x25x3-4 filter
(bottom air return)
All 24(height-of-filter-cabinet)" 1 24x25x3-4 filter
All 24-1/2" 2 16x25x3-4 filters
(side air return)
1 24x25x3-4 filter
(bottom air return)

Consumer Reviews of the Evolution Plus 95s

1 of 5 stars New Haven, CT
Date created: 2019-04-10

Never, never, NEVER buy.

Just purchased a home 2 years ago with this 2011 Bryant Furnace. It died - requires nearly $3k of parts and labor to repair it. Got three separate techs to give me estimates and assessments. Have been using supplemental electric heat trying to hunt down a fair way to repair it. Bryant won't honor the full warranty and doesn't respond to email inquiries. No warranty is worth anything if the company doesn't back it. Without any warranted value - consider your money disposable just like this furnace.

1 of 5 stars Huro, M
Date created: 2019-01-29

Crap unit

Installed 2010. Needed new exchangers 2016. Bryant would not cover (thank God for whole house warranty). The technician said Bryant switched from stainless steel to galvanized exchangers and they last about 5 or 6 years. Have had a problem with heat unit every other year since install. Learn from my error never buy Bryant.

1 of 5 stars
Date created: 2019-01-18

Get a Trane

New install 2/2010. In 2016 the heat exchanger went. Warranty covered part cost I paid labor. $1500 New installed along with heat exchanger since it all apart from an inducer motor/blower. Thing sounds like the high pitched jet engine. Replaced today. This furnace is a mess. Bryant design is garbage. Full disassembly to replace heat exchanger. Even the techs working for my HVAC company recommend Trane.

2 of 5 stars Des Moines, IA
Date created: 2018-04-11

Heat Exchanger

2009 furnace, 2018 heat exchanger replaced. As we just bought the home, the installer tried to charge us for the part, but convinced them that the new owners, even if not registered in 90 days, we get the full 20 year warranty. Labor $1400, they also threw in a new control board.

1 of 5 stars
Date created: 2017-12-17

Piece of Junk

Moved into a house that had a this furnace installed in 2010 so it's only 7 years old. In the last 6 months, it's gone through 3 inducer motor assemblies and had pressure switches fail. I'll make sure to replace it with anything other than a Bryant furnace.

1 of 5 stars Sparta, NJ
Date created: 2017-11-13

Only 6 Years over 4 K in service

We actually have 2 of these units in our home and have had nothing but trouble with them. Had to replace both heat exchangers which cost us over 3k in labor as Bryant will only cover the defective parts but not the labor. The next year we are getting no heat and code 33's which is a rollout failure so another $800 for service. Just not a good company to deal with. Local dealer said he see's it all the time.

1 of 5 stars Monona, WI
Date created: 2017-05-31

Heats my home, but vibrating issues and blower fan fails.

Installed in 2010, last year the Blower Fan went out and needed to be replaced. That's 6 years and a full new blower fan. Very disappointed, and now concerned with how long the furnace will last. Other reviewers also had the blower fan go out at 6 years. In addition, after the first year, the furnace now has a vibration when running which wasn't there the previous year. It was silent and an enjoyable furnace for the first installed year until the second winter year came along. I do not plan on purchasing a Bryant product again in the future.

1 of 5 stars
Date created: 2014-07-25

Five year warranty $1600 repair year 6

Purchased and had installed a model 355cav Evolution Plus in 9/2008 Five years later blower goes out $1,600 bill. Bryant refused to even discuss. Buy anything but a Bryant for quality.

1 of 5 stars Tacoma, Wa
Date created: 2012-10-12

Couldn't be more disappointed

We have had our Bryant furnace just over three years. The furnace has failed twice this month. The first visit cost us over $300 in labor. We are currently waiting for the repair people to come today to determine what is wrong with it now. I contacted Bryant and was told there was nothing they would do. I would stay away from anything Bryant. A furnace should last more than three years. If it doesn't the company should do something about it.

5 of 5 stars South central Wisconsin
Date created: 2012-04-09

355CAV and heat pump

I have a 355cav lp gas 95% Eff. furnace, with Bryant 17 Seer heat pump, zoning, Evolution thermostat, it's the hybrid system. Works great -- saves me $600 or 30% a year on my heating costs. With a warmer than normal winter in Wisc. I Have a separate electic meter on the heat pump. So from Oct.1 to April 9, 2012 I used $408.20 of electric at $.15 a kilowatt. LP man figures I used 375 Gal. of LP with a water heater. So, I spent about $1150 this season. My old 87% boiler would use 800 Gal. per year in a normal year. "Bryant for what ever it takes".

5 of 5 stars Grand Junction, CO
Date created: 2012-02-08

Very good usually

I actually own the 355cav60100 (Plus 95s Evolution system) installed in a downflow configuration. Not sure what the difference is in the cav and mav but the cav wasn't available on the drop down list. I also got the Bryant humbblfp1418a whole house humidifier with the Bryant Legacy Touch and Go thermostat. The furnace/humidifier has been a good package for nearly two years - I got it April before last so I've only used it for one complete winter. It maintains a very nice temperature without the large fluctuations of my last forced air furnace. While this makes for excellent comfort, it means the furnace has to run a lot - sometimes, a new cycle will start before the blower even shuts off from the last cycle. The humidifier is worth it as it tames the nasty static electricity we usually have in this dry Colorado air. It does use hot water though, so that costs a little extra. And it has a small fan. When the furnace is raising the house temp from the overnight or away setting, it'll run on low for 15 minutes or so, then kick into high till the temp is slightly above the set point. While this furnace is much quieter than my last furnace (it runs on low or medium most of the time), it can still make some noise on high. Sometimes it even kicks into high after the set temp has been reached - strange. The main relay took a little getting used to also - it's mounted on metal and makes a fairly loud noise when it engages - it can startle on a quiet morning. I put a rubber pad under it which helped some. I don't get regular service from the hvac company. I change the filters and humidifier pads myself. I hadn't had any trouble at all with this setup until last week. The temperature was coming up early in the morning, before I had gotten out of bed. I heard the furnace shut off abruptly only about 1/2 hour after it started - it usually takes about 1.5 hrs to raise the morning temp. I found that the control board and surrounding area was wet and some switches had shorted out, shutting down the operation. The humidifier is located above the control board in the ducting and for some reason I still don't understand, water had come from above, down the ducting and onto the equipment below. I dried out the board with a hair dryer, reset the trouble codes and it started working normally. It did the same thing the following morning while I wasn't watching again. It wouldn't do it while I was watching, although I couldn't see inside the duct with the furnace in operation anyway. All I ended up doing is turning the water faucet valve for the humidifier down to only 1/4 turn open. I had watched the dump line from the humidifier through numerous cycles and noticed a surge of water in the line one time. Maybe the solenoid valve does something weird. Haven't had any trouble in days so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I put a loose cover over the control board so it doesn't get sloshed if this happens again. I'm happy with my purchase and would buy it again. I think I got a pretty good deal as the dealer was trying to get rid of it, I guess to make room for newer models. I hope I don't end up needing some expensive service.

1 of 5 stars Mankato, MN
Date created: 2011-04-29

Serial #4909A01441

I am resubmitting this because it submitted before I could type in my email address. Our family has ben unhappy with this furnace since the first day and it has only gotten worse. If we we're rich we'd have it ripped out and a different brand put in, but were not so we have to live with it. We set it for 62 at nite, while everyone is getting ready in the morning it's set for 67. As soon as they leave I turn it back to 62 so I don't have to listen to it run all day. I simply put on another sweater and have a blanket for my legs. When the kids get home from school I turnit back to 67 until we go to bed at 9:30 them it goes back down to 62, then we start all over again. The problems are that it clicks between 12 and 20 like a lighter is trying to work before it turns on, then when it does turn on, it sounds like there's a car with a bad tail pipe in our driveway or we compare it to hiring someone with a truck and scoop on to come and plow our driveway. The old furnace was the size on a small car, but it heated the house just fine and the only was we knew it was on was my going to a heat vent and feeling to see if anything was coming out. At the time something had happen to the ball bearings tht Schweickerts said was to expensive for us to repair so they recommended getting a new furnace. We knew it was old and trusted Schwickerts to be telling us the truth, we don't feel that way now. We would NEVER recommend this company or furnace brand to any friends or family members, we really wouldn't even recomend to someone we didn't like.

Other Evolution Plus 95s Reviews

A homeowner asks for a comparison of the Bryant Evolution Plus 95S to a similar Trane furnace on, as these are being proposed by an installer. The experts respond that while both models are good, the Bryant furnace is a great choice, especially with the Evolution programmable thermostat. The contractors stress that the customer should ask for a load calculation, so the proper size unit can be installed for the size of the home.

Another post on reveals an owner asking if her Bryant Evolution furnace should be cycling on and off frequently within one hour. An expert answers that there should be a setting on the Evolution thermostat to regulate cycling per hour.

A Bryant Evolution furnace owner posts on about an error message he receives on his unit. A local contractor told him it may be caused by back pressure from high outdoor winds. The online experts say that is doubtful, and suggest the consumer check for obstructions in the lines, as well as the possibility that the low pressure switch could be faulty.

Question and Answer


What does error code 42 mean?


An error code 42 is an inducer motor fault. The inducer motor may need to be serviced, or it might need to be replaced. This type of job usually requires the skills of a

heating contractor. 

This Bryant troubleshooting guide breaks down the error codes.

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Bryant Evolution Plus 95s Model Numbers

The Evolution Plus 95s is available in different models which vary in efficiency and capacity.

Model Number AFUE BTUs per Hour
355CAV042060* 95 60,000
355CAV042060** 94 60,000
355CAV042060*** 94 60,000
355CAV042080* 95 80,000
355CAV042080** 92.3 80,000
355CAV042080*** 94.7 80,000
355CAV060080* 95 80,000
355CAV060080** 92.3 80,000
355CAV060080*** 94.7 80,000
355CAV060100* 95 100,000
355CAV060100** 93.5 100,000
355CAV060100*** 95 100,000
355CAV060120* 95 120,000
355CAV060120** 93.8 120,000
355CAV060120*** 93.8 120,000
355CAV060C080** 95 80,000

Evolution Plus 95s Warranty

Bryant offers a limited lifetime warranty on the heat exchangers for the Evolution Plus 95S, and the entire furnace is guaranteed by a 5-year limited warranty.

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