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Bryant Evolution 90i Furnace Prices

Quotes for the Bryant Evolution 90i vary greatly across the web. While the base price for the unit is around $2,800, labor costs, compatible add-ons or accessories and dealer rebates can cause the cost of the unit to fluctuate between buyers.

One HVAC review site estimates that prices for the unit and installation can vary as much as $3,750 to $13,000. Although this range sounds high, consumers are reporting quotes in a similar price range across the web:

  • Low installation quote: $4,000
  • High installation quote: $12,700
  • Average installation quote: $7,543

In 2009, one homeowner received a quote for $5,500 for the unit and installation with $1,500 back after tax credits. This reduced his quote to $4,000, making his bid one of the lowest posted on consumer forums.

A homeowner in central Wisconsin also received a low bid at $4,925. However, this quote to install the Bryant Evolution in a 2,475-square-foot, three-level home did not include tax benefits or accessories, such as the controller.

Prices rise substantially in reviews that mention additional installation requirements and add-ons. A homeowner was quoted $7,640 in 2010 for complete duct replacement, new line set, Evolution controller and a condenser pad. This did not include the $1,500 rebate for which the consumer was told he would likely qualify.

Similarly, homeowners in Texas and Florida received quotes for $7,198 and $7,300. Both were offered a $1,000 rebate from Bryant, making the final costs around $6,198 and $6,300.

In the Northeast, a homeowner was quoted notably higher than most review for a 3,500-square-foot 1930s home. The $12,700 estimate included the 90i 2-stage model with a condensing unit, evaporator coil, control and Honeywell filter media cleaner. Comments from online contractors indicated that this price seemed high, mentioning that the contractor might have extensive labor charges for installation.

While most found quotes are for a single system, a consumer in North Carolina building a new home was quoted $28,000 for two Bryant Evolution 90i systems, one for the upstairs to cover 1,500 square feet and another for the first floor of 2,200 square feet. The cost includes the unit, the installation and the ducts and flex runs for the entire home.

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