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Bryant 987M Evolution Furnace

3.5 of 5 stars 8 reviews | #6 of 16 Furnaces
Updated: Jun 12, 2018 | Read more about Bryant Furnaces | 987M Evolution Warranty

Overview of 987M Evolution

The Bryant 987M Evolution is a two-stage, variable-speed gas furnace. The 987M meets the Energy Star Most Efficient 2014 guidelines in all sizes, with an efficiency of up to 98.3% AFUE. The variable-speed motor operates on low speed the majority of the time, providing increased efficiency and quiet operation. The primary heat exchanger is made of corrosion-resistant aluminized steel, with a fin-and-tube stainless steel secondary heat exchanger. The 987M features a modulating gas valve and a PerfectLight hot surface ignitor. The cabinet is insulated for quiet operation, and an external filter cabinet provides easy access for filter changes. The 987M is designed for upflow, downflow or horizontal installation.

Consumer Reviews of the 987M Evolution

5 of 5 stars Oscoda, MI
Date created: 2018-06-12

Overall Great Unit

We had a highly rated local contractor replace our Lennox Pulse furnace installed in 1988 with a new Bryant 987m furnace along with a 187b air conditioning system and Evolution Connex control the Spring of 2017. Even with the 'high efficiency' of our last furnace, the new unit has saved us $$$ in both gas and electric. I haven't figured out the exact monthly average savings, but am happy to keep my house between 68° and 72° all year long without worrying about a outrageous bill. I also used to hear every time the furnace kicked on and off, but with the new furnace I hear nothing - I rarely even notice the fan is on at all! We have a 2,000 sq. Ft. Ranch home on a 2/3 basement and the hot/cold spots throughout the home have been eliminated with this system. Even our enclosed front entry is no longer at desert temps in the winter! Bryant’s 10 year part warranty also assures me that if anything does happen in the future, we will be covered. I would buy this system again and recommend this furnace to anyone looking for a quality unit that is quiet, evens out the homes overall comfort, and saves them from the stress of high utility bills.

5 of 5 stars Washington
Date created: 2018-05-16

Good Furnace

Going on my 4th year and have only needed the regular cleaning for gas furnace. In the winter it cut my $500-575 electric monthly heating bill down to $65 gas. I'm able to leave the thermostat at 70 when i'm home and it goes down to 61 when i'm at work. Living in the NW it paid for itself in under 2 years and the thermal comfort is significantly improved over the previous 1979 electric 13 kw toaster heater I had in the house. The unit is not particularly noisy and provides low rpm constant heat to keep the temperature consistent. I would buy this unit again.

1 of 5 stars Minneapolis, MN
Date created: 2017-01-09


Replaced our 20 year old furnace with a Bryant high efficiency system 3 months ago. The system failed this weekend. There appears to be some disagreement between my installer and Bryant on the repair. The entire board was replaced. Service anticipates returning to replace the Bryant Evolution thermostat as they have had this happen to a number of Bryant systems exactly the same as mine. I certainly did not invest in a new system so that I could spend a lot of money to suffer without heat in my home (I live in Minnesota. It was 10 degrees below zero when this happened) and waste my time sitting home waiting for repair personnel. I would never buy a Bryant again. Bryant does not seem to stand by their product. I do not appreciate spending money on a product that fails so quickly. I would not recommend Bryant.

1 of 5 stars Idaho
Date created: 2015-12-04

Don't buy a Bryant !

They lie! Claim everything is made in the USA with USA parts when not all of it is. Do not get the Bryant Evolution thermostat! Made in China and it is crap. Every two hours or so you have to get out of bed and turn it up, then two hours later you have to turn it down. When temperature is falling outside, the furnace will only turn on 4-6 times an hour even though more is needed! You end up freezing most nights. Thermostat has been "adjusted" 6 or more times. Still doesn't work. You would be better off buying a wood stove. After spending about $10,000, that's what we did. We heat with wood now and have demanded our 30 year old furnace back, it was better than the pos Bryant that we were talked into buying. Stay away from Bryant (now owned by Carrier).

5 of 5 stars Charlotte, NC
Date created: 2015-12-04

Excellent furnace for my home

After recently moving to my new home in North Carolina, we decided to upgrade the furnace to make sure it provided adequate warmth during the winter time. We decided on this Bryant furnace. It does the job perfectly and meets my needs and my family's too. The external filter cabinet makes it very easy to replace the filter compared to other ones I have had in the past. It seems to have improved my energy consumption compared to other systems I have had in the past. I also like that the cabinet is insulated which means it runs very quiet, I can barely hear anything while it is functioning. I'm also very happy that it has a 10 year parts warranty which keeps me confident that if anything were to happen, I would be able to have parts for repair. I am very happy with my purchase of this furnace and it does a great job.

1 of 5 stars MA
Date created: 2014-05-12


This is the absolute worst investment I have ever made. Please do yourself a favor and do not buy this unit. It will save you time and aggravation. We bought this unit brand new, and have had nothing but problems during the first and second season. Gas value replaced several times, blower motor, wiring harness, controller boards. The labor is not included after the first year. You will not have working furnace and you will pay more for the labor than the cost of the unit to fix their problems. So far Bryant has been unwilling to help or does not care. It is impossible to get a customer service representative on the phone who can help, they will only return a call, so you can't get back to them. The entire second season I had to get up in the middle of the night, power the unit off, wait 45 minutes and power back on to have any heat while they tried to resolve. Since they only pay for the parts, they keep trying one at a time, at your expense. Now, at the end of the season, now it doesn't work at all, so guess what, no a/C. My only choice is to sell for metal scrap after two seasons. Don't walk - run away from this model.

5 of 5 stars Madison, WI
Date created: 2013-11-28


Replaced my old, extremely loud furnace in my condo with Bryant's Evolution furnace. Heats great and wow, what a difference in noise. I can't even hear it running. Only a couple months of use so I hope it's reliable. So far so good.

5 of 5 stars Midland, MI
Date created: 2012-04-11

Newly Installed And Love It

New furnace and A/C installed in fall by Wild's (their installers did a nice job). We also had the house insulated and it was a mild winter, but it cost about $400 to heat the house (2250 sq ft) for the entire winter. Very efficient and quiet. We've had a few hot days already and the two stage A/C was very efficient and quiet. Good buy.

Other 987M Evolution Reviews

Among the few comments regarding the Bryant 987M on HVAC forums was a comparison between the 987M and a similar Lennox model on The reviews were slightly in favor of the 987M, with very few negative comments about the unit. A separate thread on regarding installation of the 987M found several professionals stating that having the unit properly sized and correctly installed is more important than the unit itself.

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987M Evolution Warranty

Product registration is required within 90 days of installation for maximum warranty coverage. The warranty for the Bryant 987M Evolution furnace is comprised of the following:

  • Lifetime limited warranty on the heat exchanger
  • 10-year limited parts warranty

If not registered within 90 days, the warranty reverts to 20 years on the heat exchanger and 5 years on parts. The warranty does not cover labor or shipping costs.

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