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Bryant Furnaces

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Legacy Line

The simplest of Bryant's furnaces are the Legacy 80 series. These have an AFUE (efficiency) of around 80%. Like most of Bryant's other furnaces, they feature PerfectLight ignition, which improves on the traditional pilot light model. They are single-stage, which is to say, they have only one single operating speed.

The Legacy Line 80 Plus furnace is distinguished by the inclusion of the Fan On Plus® feature: a cybernetic mechanism that continually adjusts fan speed. This model also includes the QuieTech® system, which reduces the noise emitted by the system.

The next step up is the Legacy Plus 90. This series has AFUEs of 92 up to 95. The Legacy Plus 90 is also distinguished by the characteristic "Plus" features: Fan on Plus and QuieTech.

While not part of the Legacy line, the Bryant 353BAV achieves effiencies of nearly 93% AFUE.

The Legacy Line 95 has an AFUE of 95, as well as Fan on Plus. It does not have QuieTech.

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The Preferred Plus 80x, like the basic Legacy furnaces, has an AFUE of 80. It does have the additional Plus features: Fan on Plus and QuieTech. The Preferred 80t is similar, with the same AFUE and features, but it also uses a two-stage system. This means it can operate at two different speeds depending on how much heating is necessary.

Preferred 90x and 90t have AFUE of 93 and 95, respectively. Both of them use the PerfectHeat® two-stage system to improve efficiency.

Preferred Series 95 has an AFUE of 95, as well as most of the above features. Preferred 95i adds PerfectHumidity®, which allows homeowners fine-grained control over the level of humidity in the air that passes through the furnace.


Evolution is considered Bryant's highest-quality line of furnaces, although, like the other lines, it contains models with AFUEs ranging from 80 to 95.

The Evolution 80v has an AFUE of 80. It does also include most of the above-described features, including two-stage operation and humidity control.

Evolution 90i and Evolution 95s have AFUEs of 96 and 95, respectively. The 95s adds "PerfectSense," which modulates heating over a continuous range rather than sending it into one or two modes.

Care and Maintenance

It's best to have furnaces inspected every year. A qualitied technician will examine all parts of a furnace and will, in most cases, give homeowners tips to do simple assessments themselves. One task that most homeowners can perform is changing their furnace filter. We have published a series of questions and answers about changing the filters in Bryant furnaces.


The basic Legacy Line furnace comes with a ten-year parts warranty. The Legacy Line Plus has a five-year parts warranty, but a twenty-year heat exchanger warranty. The Legacy Line 90 furnaces have limited lifetime warranties for their heat exchangers.

The Preferred models have ten-year parts warranties and twenty-year heat exchanger warranties.

The Evolution 80v comes with a twenty-year warranty on its heat exchanger. The other two models have lifetime models for their heat exchangers.

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