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Consumer Reviews of Broan furnaces

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Date created: 2010-03-18 Name: T. K.

Satisfaction Rating:
5 of 5 stars Very Satisfied

"Broan High Efficiency Furnace Newly Installed And Very Happy"
My wife and I were dreading having to replace our furnace. Although we've never had to put much into our old furnace, the heat exchanger was bad so it was time to change it out. We looked into a number of contractors and brands. We settled on Broan because we liked the contractor that came in and told us about the product. I looked on-line and couldn't find any reviews which is why I decided to write one. We are extremely pleased with the furnace. It is whisper quiet and delivers nice heat to all areas of the house. We added an air cleaner and humidifier as well which seem to help. The price was right with the tax credits and it shows in our utility bill as well.
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