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Consumer Reviews of BASIS furnaces

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Date created: 2017-04-30 Name: Joseph piercefield
Location: Seymour, IN

Satisfaction Rating:
1 of 5 stars Very Unsatisfied

I have a Bryant furnace model fx4dnf025 it is not even a year in a half old. I paid one hour company to install it which I would advise everyone to stay away from they destroyed my new floors and wall, but I've paid over 500 already to fix this furnace from day one and now another 400 because the furnace fan stop working and it is broke all the time. 7000 is what we paid to have it put in one hour says 4th get just install them it's Bryant product that is breaking I just want to tell people not to buy Bryant products unless you want to spend a lot of money fixing it all the time. You think Bryant is going to cover my 400 labor cost? No! So please don't use this brand.

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