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Updated: Jul 20, 2013 | Read more about ARCOAIRE Furnaces | H9MPX Warranty

Overview of H9MPX

The H9MPX is a member of Arcoaire’s DLX 95 furnace series. Offering up to 95 percent AFUE, this model is Energy Star-approved and provides single-stage heating with two stainless steel heat exchangers for increased efficiency and performance.

The H9MPX features a direct hot surface ignition system, multi-speed circulation blower, induced draft blower assembly and an adjustable timed blower-off delay for custom heating options. A thermal lining and insulated interior also help contribute to low levels of operation noise.

In addition, this 40-inch-tall unit also boasts flexible installation with one or two pipe venting options and upflow, downflow, or horizontal configurations. An electronic monitoring system with self-diagnostics is designed for quick maintenance and service calls.

Consumer Reviews of the H9MPX

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Date created: 2011-04-11

Will it explode

I installed an ARCOAIRE(MOD.h9mpx060f12a) furnace in march of 2011. For a couple of weeks it worked just fine, now when it fires up it sounds like the unit is going to explode, (like when you pour to much gas on a pile of leaves and light it) "whooosh" I've checked air flow, gas pressure, gas flow, ignitor position, everything I can think of. And not to mention the VERY sharp edges on ALL the panels (sliced my finger open) and the company has no TECHNICAL SUPPORT DEPT. I've helped friends put in furnaces (9) and always use arcoaire, well not anymore, if this is the best a company has to offer me GOOD BY INTERNATIONAL COMFORT PRODUCTS.....

Other H9MPX Reviews

While reviews of the H9MPX are few and far between around the web, most mentions of Arcoaire and this series are positive. Homeowners on like the low price point of this unit and note perks such as the stainless steel heat exchanger and extensive warranty coverage provided.

Contractors on also suggest this unit to homeowners in need of a new furnace. Some state these systems use quality components and are among the well-built units on the markets. Others are less enthusiastic about the Arcoiare's product line, but say the company's HVAC systems provide a good mix of quality and value.

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ARCOAIRE H9MPX Model Numbers

The H9MPX is available in different models which vary in efficiency and capacity.

Model Number AFUE BTUs per Hour
H9MPX060F12 95 60,000
H9MPX080J12* 94.4 80,000
H9MPX080J12** 95 80,000
H9MPX080J16 95 80,000
H9MPX100L20*** 95 98,000
H9MPX100L20**** 95 100,000

H9MPX Warranty

Arcoaire offers a 1-year “No Hassle Replacement” limited warranty that covers the cost of a new unit if the heat exchanger fails. An additional lifetime heat exchanger limited warranty and 10-year limited parts warranty also are provided. The unit must be registered within 90 days of installation to receive the full warranty term.

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