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Arcoaire Furnaces

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Arcoaire Furnaces

Discontinued Series

Arcoaire manufactures a diverse line of oil- and gas-firing furnaces. The company offers both high-tier and entry models within its Mainline and Performance series of furnaces.

Mainline Series Gas Furnaces

The Mainline Series includes the bulk of Arcoaire's product line. This series consists of gas furnaces holding 80, 96 and 97 percent AFUE ratings. All of these models feature insulated blower compartments, use a direct hot surface ignition system and offer dehumidification capabilities, and use either an EMC or PSC blower motor. Most models have two-stage heating and an aluminized steel heat exchanger.

The top-tier product reaches up to 97 percent AFUE, features modulating or two-stage operation with a variable-speed EMC blower motor, and includes Arcoaire's Observer communication system to enable interaction between heating and cooling systems.

Performance Series Gas Furnaces

While Arcoaire entry level furnaces range in efficiency from 80 to 95 percent AFUE, they lack the "bells and whistles" of the higher-tier units. These models feature a direct hot surface ignition and RPJ heat exchanger for efficient heat transfer and increased air movement. A multi-speed PSC blower and induced draft combustion blower also contribute to performance.

Oil Furnaces

While only the top-tier oil furnace line features a variable-speed motor and uses an EMC blower motor, both the top- and mid-level products are equipped with a stainless steel heat exchanger and are Energy Star-approved. Arcoaire also offers five models of entry-level oil furnaces.

Care and Maintenance

Arcoaire outlines furnace care and maintenance in its owner's manuals with easy-to-follow maintenance checklists. The checklist details components such as replacing air filters that should be serviced monthly, items such as inspecting external wiring that should be conducted semi-annually, and duties such as inspecting gas supply lines for leaks that should be performed on an annual basis. Arcoaire recommends regular service from a HVAC technician.

Arcoaire Warranties

Arcoaire furnaces are equipped with a standard 10-year limited parts warranty. Heat exchangers carry an additional warranty, varying between a 25-year or lifetime term depending on the model.

Arcoaire also offers a "no hassle replacement" limited warranty that covers major component failure. Coverage ranges from one year for baseline products to 10 years for top-tier lines. All products must be registered with Arcoaire within 90 days of installation to receive the full term.

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