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American Standard 92 Furnace

1.0 of 5 stars 1 review | #4 of 4 Furnaces
Updated: Nov 1, 2016 | Read more about American Standard Furnaces | 92 Warranty

Overview of 92

The American Standard 92 is a single-stage gas furnace with an efficiency rating of 92.1% AFUE. The unit features an aluminized steel primary heat exchanger which is crimped instead of welded to prevent cracks, and a stainless steel secondary heat exchanger. A hot-surface igniter provides efficient, reliable operation, and multi-port in-shot burners improve efficiency by maximizing heating while using less fuel. It has a multi-speed blower motor which improves comfort while reducing noise levels, and a heavy steel insulated cabinet which is designed to reduce operating noise levels and heat loss.

Consumer Reviews of the 92

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1 of 5 stars Ohio
Date created: 2016-11-01

Not happy

2 year old furnace with bad pressure switch. Had to pay for installation of a new switch, which did not solve the issue of the furnace not operating. Now they are supplying a heat exchanger, but we are responsible for the $800+ dollars for installation and no one is sure this is the true problem! Customer service is an absolute joke, they will throw parts at you for free, but you are responsible for installation costs. Never will I buy an American Standard or a Trane product again!

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92 Warranty

Online registration is required within 60 days of installation for maximum warranty coverage. The warranty for the American Standard 92 furnace is comprised of the following:

  • Lifetime limited warranty on the heat exchanger
  • 10-year limited warranty on functional parts

Labor costs are not covered by the warranty. Optional Extended Warranties which can pay for labor and other costs not covered by the manufacturer's limited warranty are available.

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