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American Standard Furnaces

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American Standard Furnaces

American Standard makes thirteen different types of furnace. These are divided into three categories, whose names correspond to increasingly precious metals.

The measurement of a furnace's effectiveness is its annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE). This number represents the proportion of input energy that gets transformed into thermal energy for the house. Higher AFUE implies better energy efficiency.

Silver Series

The Silver Series corresponds to the lowest expense, efficiency, and comfort. There are six models within this category.

These basic American Standard furnaces have silicon carbide igniters and several burners, which contribute to their AFUE of 80. They have multi-speed blowers and vents, which are necessary to pass air through the furnace. The heat exchanger is made from aluminum.

One of these furnaces operates on oil. It has approximately the same energy efficiency as its brothers.

Gold Series

 [ American Standard Series : Freedom 80 ]  [ American Standard Series :  ]

The gold series contains four models, ranging in AFUE from 80 to 95. One of them is a single-stage furnace, like those in the silver series. Two are variable stage furnaces, which means they have extra capacity stored in a separate unit. This capacity can be activated on particularly cold days, but does not run in milder weather. This flexibility saves energy for the system. The Gold ZM is a variable-stage furnace, which increases this efficiency further by adding a range of options for operating level.

All Gold models have a steel secondary heat exchanger, which harnesses a small amount of additional energy. They come with a setup option that allows the user to input only outside air. This arrangement creates a fresher indoor environment, though it will increase the energy cost of operation.

The Ultimate models also use the AccuClean®, which filters particles (such as allergens and pollutants) out of the air. According to American Standard, this system has the power to clean 99.98% of the air in a house.

Platinum Series

The Platinum Series is the most efficient and expensive. These units contain, in addition to air filtration, the Comfort-R® system for controlling humidity. They have lots of insulation and run quietly.

The top-of-the-line model is the Platinum ZV. It comes with an AccuLink® interface for interactions with humans. Its AFUE is 95. It uses sophisticated systems to monitor itself and its environment in order to transfer heat in the most efficient way possible.

The Platinum Series furnaces, and some of the Gold furnaces, can help homeowners to qualify for a tax credit, as stipulated in the Middle Class Tax Relief Act.

Care and Maintenance

When you maintain a furnace properly, fuel costs stay more manageable. Have a technician service your furnace on an annual basis. Expect the technician to replace the unit's air filter, vacuum out blower and burner compartments, and also check for drainage.

Many homeowners clean and / or replace their own furnace filters. We answer homeowner questions about their filters here.


The Platinum models come with ten-year parts warranties, along with lifetime warranties for their heat exchangers. Gold models have lifetime warranties on their heat exchangers and five-year parts warranties. Silver models have the same five-year parts warranty, and twenty-year warranties for their heat exchangers.

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