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Consumer Reviews of AIRTEMP furnaces

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Date created: 2016-09-16 Name: Jim Luurtsema
Location: Central Indiana

Satisfaction Rating:
1 of 5 stars Very Unsatisfied

"Airtemp gas furnace install 1/2016"
Had unit installed January 11, 2016. Had service call the next day because it would not run. May 2016, the blower self destructed when the fan slid into housing and destroyed fan, housing etc. The entire blower assembly was replaced and it took 5 broken appointments over a 10 day period to get it fixed. September 2016, the blower failed but we were here and shut off the entire HVAC system. This is the third time the same issue happened. What would have happened if we were not home? At our own expense we had a different repair company fix it. The collar holding the fan in place came loose so much that the bolt could be turned by hand. Now how long before it fails again? The only dealer left tech told me on the phone that maybe I should call about every three months to have it taken apart and tightened. Really?
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