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This page lists resources that relate to furnaces that pump warm air through the ducts of your home.

If you are looking for information on heating systems that transfer heat through hot water or steam — and distribute that heat around your home through radiators, you can find more information on our pages dedicated to boilers.

Articles on Buying a Furnace

The most common way to install a new furnace is to hire a heating contractor that will size your furnace (determine how large a furnace you should buy), present you with alternatives and then install the unit in your home. The following resources describe how this process works and provide suggestions on how to negotiate an agreement that you’re happy with.

How to Save Money on a New Furnace

There are many ways to save money on a new furnace. Just remember, you don’t want to choose a contractor on price alone.

Articles on Comparing Furnaces

Most homeowners that install a new furnace need to choose between competing furnaces. Perhaps they have a single contractor that offers multiple models; perhaps multiple contractors have offered multiple models. We have pulled together the data that we think is most important in comparing furnaces: specifications and efficiency, customer reviews and price.

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Articles on Maintaining your Furnace

Once you own a furnace, there are a range of common maintenance tasks: annual maintenance, changing filters, hiring a contractor to make repairs and more. These articles address each of these tasks in detail:

Paying for Heat

We have a series of articles that discuss topics as varied as how to reduce your monthly heating bills, how to negotiate the cost of a new furnace, and how to help others that are having a hard time keeping their homes warm.

Types of Furnaces

“Furnace” is a very broad term, and it can include many different systems to heating your home. The following resources provide information on the many pieces of equipment that may be characterized as a furnace.

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80+ AFUE Gas Furnaces

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