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List of Fuel Oil Coops in the United States

Updated May 2, 2017

The US Energy Information Administration reports that about 6 million households in the US use heating oil as their primary energy source for heating their homes.

The majority of coops (also known as fuel oil buying groups) listed below are from the Northeastern states. This reflects the fact that more than 80% of homes that use heating oil are located in the Northeast. However, there are a number of cooperatives outside of the Northeast as well, in Ohio, Wisconsin and Minnesota. While these cooperatives will work with homeowners, they are typically focused on serving farms and small businesses.

If you don't have a coop in your area, you might want to consider starting one.

States with fuel oil coops

National and Regional Co-Operatives

Heat USA (national heating oil cooperative)
Co-op Power (New England sustainable energy cooperative)

Cooperatives by State


Citizen's Oil Co-op (heating oil and bioheat)
Pilgrim Oil Group (heating oil)


Midcoast Oil Co-op (Appears to be inactive)

103 Mistic Avenue
Rockport, Maine 04856
[email protected] -- email address bounces
(LP gas, kerosene and #2 heating oil)

The Fuel Club (heating oil)
Our Town Energy Alliance (heating oil)


Cape & Islands Self-Reliance Corporation (heating oil on the Cape and the Islands)
Citizen's Oil Co-op (propane and heating oil in Southern Massachusetts towns bordering CT)
Co-op Power (heating oil in Western Mass: Franklin, Hampshire, and Hampden counties)
The Fuel Club (heating oil)
Mass Energy (heating oil in Eastern Massachusetts)
Pioneer Valley Oil Cooperative (heating oil and biofuel in Western Massachusetts -- website no longer works)
Center for EcoTechnology (heating oil and biofuel in Western Massachusetts)


Farmers Cooperative of Hanska (website no longer works)
HarvestLand Cooperative
Northern Star Coop

New Jersey

Pilgrim Oil Group (heating oil)

New Hampshire

Co-op Power (heating oil in Southwestern New Hampshire)
The Fuel Club (heating oil)
LS Fuel Co-Op (heating oil and propane)
Our Town Energy Alliance (heating oil)

New York

Citizen Action Fuel Group (heating oil and kerosene)
Consumers Energy Cooperative, Inc (CECI)
Energy Cooperative of America (natural gas and electricity)
The Fuel Club (heating oil)
Galway Co-Op (propane)
NYPIRG Fuel Buyers Group (fuel oil and natural gas)
Pilgrim Oil Group (heating oil)


Central Ohio Farmers Coop
Heritage Cooperative


The Energy Cooperative (heating oil, bioheat, renewable electricity)
Energy Cooperative of America (natural gas and electricity)

Rhode Island

Citizen's Oil Co-op (propane and heating oil)
The Fuel Club (heating oil)
People's Power and Light (heating oil)


Co-op Power (heating oil in Southern Vermont)
Energy Co-Op of Vermont (heating oil, kerosene and propane)
The Fuel Club (heating oil)
Our Town Energy Alliance (heating oil)


Federation Cooperative (website not longer live)
New Horizons Supply Cooperative

Don't see your Fuel Oil Co-op Listed Here?

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