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WEB Products Air Filters

WEB Products (WEB) manufactures a wide range of disposable and washable / reusable air filters including air conditioning filters, allergy filters, and scented and unscented furnace filters.

WEB Products Corporate History

WEB Products was founded in 1989 and launched their website in 1997. (On a side-note, I couldn't find a filter company that had been online longer (with the exception of 3M which apparently had a site up as early as 1995. However, I couldn't find a reference to filters on the earliest versions of 3M's site.)

Where to buy WEB Products Air Filters

WEB Products air filters can be purchased at a wide variety of home improvement and department stores around the United States, including Ace Hardware, Home Depot and Walmart.

WEB Products Air Filter Warranty

Warranties on WEB filters vary depending on the type of filter. For example, their Permanent Electrostatic Filter comes with a lifetime warranty. Their high efficiency reusable/washable furnace filters come with a 5-year warranty.

Contacting WEB Products

Phone: (800)-875-3212


WEB Products, Inc.
P.O. Box 3911
Kansas City, KS 66103

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