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Stratadensity Furnace Filters

StrataDensity® air filters are disposable furnace filters made from fiberglass. These filters are used in homes that have light to medium dust conditions. The StrataDensity filter is sometimes used as a prefilter, to filter out large dust particles before the air reaches the high-efficiency filters.

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Stratadensity's Corporate History

StrataDensity filters are made by American Air Filter. American Air Filter was founded in 1921 in Louisville, KY and is a division of AAF-McQuay Incorporated. McQuay is a worldwide maker of commercial air conditioning and filtration systems.


StrataDensity filters are available in a 1" or 2" thickness, and a variety of height and widths to fit most standard furnace filter shaft. These filters are rated MERV 4.

StrataDensity filters formed from a high quality double sided fiberglass panel. The fiberglass is coated lightly with an adhesive spray to catch particles as the air circulates through the filter panel. The filters are easy to install and can be folded up for easy disposal. StrataDensity filters are intended to be used for 30 days on average and then replaced.

Where to buy

You can buy StrataDensity air filters from several online vendors and most offline home and hardware stores. StrataDensity filters are sold online in cases of either 12 or 24 filters. The average retail price for a case of filters starts at $27.95 and increases depending on size of the filter.


StrataDensity filters are intended to be used for 30 days and don't carry any additional warranty.


Phone: 800-477-1214

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