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Q&A About Filters for Ruud Furnaces

Question: Where is the filter located on the Ruud Achiever 90 Plus?

Answer: The filter for the Ruud Achiever 90 Plus can be found in an external filter cabinet on the side and bottom of the unit. See the link below for replacement filters. Let us know how you make out! Thanks,

Question: Do you have a diagram with the location of the filter door for the Ruud Achiever 90 Plus?

Answer: For a diagram of the Ruud Achiever 90 Plus see page 4 of the user manual. The top left picture on that page shows you where the external side filter frame is.

Question: Are the filters for the Ruud Achiever 90 Plus washable, or do they have to be replaced?

Answer: According to the Ruud website the Achiever 90 Plus has a "permanent, washable filter that's easy to access and clean."

You can also buy a new filter using the following chart:

Furnace Filters for the Ruud Achiever 90 Plus

Air Flow Configuration Cabinet Width Filters
Upflow All 1 22-3/4x25x1 filter buy now on amazon 2 24x16x1 filters

Question: What is the filter size for a Ruud Silhouette II?

Answer: Page 6 of this user manual shows the sizes that you need for the Ruud Silhouette II.

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