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Perfect Pleat Air Filters

The Perfect Pleat brand of filters is owned by American Air Filter carries a wide range of air quality products including air filters and dust collectors. They provide filtration systems to residential homes and commercial installations. They have offices worldwide.

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Perfect Pleat's Corporate History

Perfect Pleat is owned by American Air, which was founded in 1921.

PerfectPleat® is their newest line of allergy protective replacement filters.


PerfectPleat replacement filters come in two styles, each in a variety of sizes. Their maximum recommended use is 90 days.

PerfectPleat Ultra filters are treated with an antibacterial to effectively increase the reduction of allergens such as mildew, bacteria, and fungi from the air in the home and office. They are rated at MERV 8.

PerfectPleat filters are heavy duty pleated filters without the need for wire reinforcement in the pleats. Their rating is MERV 7.

Where to buy Perfect Pleat Air Filters

Contact the company to find local dealers or order online. Some sample prices are:

  • PerfectPleat Ultra, 10x10x1" case of 12, $96.97
  • PerfectPleat, 10x20x2" case of 12, $78.00.


Standard company warranty is for one year from beginning of use or 18 months from shipment date, whichever ends sooner.

Contacting Perfect Pleat

Phone: 888-844-5820


American Filtration
P.O. Box 922
140 SW Haskew St, Suite 3
Burleson, TX 76097

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