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Hammock-Style Furnace Filters

Which filter should you buy?

Hammock filters are designed to fit in air conditioning and central heating systems that use a hammock frame. Hammock filters come in a large 20 foot roll, which allows the filter to be cut into the appropriate size for the hammock frame. This type of filter is easy to install; simply cut to the correct size and placed in the frame. The filter is disposable and recommended usage is 60 days per filter.

Several companies make hammock filters. The two leading manufacturers in percentage of sales of hammock filters in the United States are Lennox and American Air Filter (AAF). AAF markets the hammock filter under the name AmerGlas Hammock Filter.

Hammock filters are available in a 20 foot roll, in a variety of widths. All hammock filters are 1 inch thick. The hammock filter can be but to the appropriate length from the roll of filter. A hammock filter will last for 60 days before replacement is required.

Hammock filters are coated with an oil substance to increase the filters ability to catch particles as the air is filtered. One side of the filter is blue, the other white. The blue side of the filter is on the side where the air leaves.

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Where to buy Hammock Air Filters

You can buy Hammock air filters from several online vendors and most offline heating and air conditioning installation companies. The average retail price for a roll of hammock filters starts at $25.99 and increases depending on the size of the filter.

Hammock Air Filter Warranty

Hammock filters are intended to be used for 60 days and don't typically carry any additional warranty.

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