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Guardian Air Filters

The Guardian Electrostatic Furnace filter and air conditioning filters are reusable furnace filters that clean the air in your home or office. The Guardian filters can remove pollutants such as dust, pollen, and pet hair, and keep your heating or air conditioning system coils cleaner. (The manufacturer claims that this enables you to save up to 15% on your energy bills.) Their airflow resistance is low and does not stress your HVAC unit. Guardian filters do not need an electrical outlet since they do not use electricity.

Filters Home

(Note, the Guardian electrostatic filter should not be confused with the HEPA air purifier manufactured by Broan-Nutone. They solve very different problems: HEPA air purification systems are more expensive and filter out much smaller particles.)

Guardian's Corporate History

Guardian is manufacturerd by a company called Environmental Controls

Guardian's Air Filter Products

The Guardian permanent electrostatic furnace filter is 92% efficient in maintaining clean air. The heavy aluminum frame encloses a pleated prefilter, easy pull handle, and co polymer rods that arrest the speed of the particles. Filters are available in 13 sizes.

Where to buy Guardian Air Filters

Customized Guardian Air filters sizes are priced from $199.95. They can be purchased online from many different sites.

Guardian Air Filter Warranty

The Guardian Filter is permanent and must be cleaned every two or three months depending on usage. It does not use electricity. The furnace filters come with a lifetime warranty under normal use.

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