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Austin Air Filters

Austin Air designs and manufactures a line of air cleaners and filters suitable for use in both home and commercial settings. Their lines are for use by people with severe breathing problems. These machines clear air from toxic chemicals and particulates.

Filters Home

Austin Air's Corporate History

Richard Taylor founded Austin Air Corporation in 1990. His wife suffered from severe breathing problems, which led Mr. Taylor to create a hospital "clean room" atmosphere for her; thus the birth of the filter. The company is now the largest air cleaner producer in the world and located in Austin, Texas. It produces every piece of the free-standing air cleaning machine, including the filters.

Austin Air Filter's Products

Replacement Furnace Mount Filters

Filters are mounted on Austin air cleaning machines rather than on a furnace or air conditioning unit. The normal range of effective air purification is 1500 sq ft. The replacement filters are built to last for five years and contain carbon, zeolite and true medical High Efficiency Particulate Air Filtration, known as HEPA. HEPA filtration must adhere to a minimum standard of eliminating any particle 0.3 micron in diameter.

Some also have potassium iodide. They also make a "pre-filter" which is installed on the outside of the main filter to trap the largest particulates first.

Where to buy Austin Air Filters

Visit their website to find a local dealer as Austin doesn’t sell their products directly. Sample prices include:

  • Healthmate™ replacement filter $179.99 ea
  • Healthmate Plus™ replacement filter $279.99 ea
  • Pre-filters range from $16.99 to $22.99 ea.

Austin Air Filter Warranty

Replacement filters come with a five-year warranty.

Contacting Austin Air

Phone: 800-724-8403


C/O Customer Service
Austin Air Systems, Limited
500 Elk Street
Buffalo, NY 14210

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