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Air Demon Furnace Filters

Air Demon® air filters are electrostatic filters used as replacement filters in Honeywell® & Trion® furnace and air filtration systems. Electrostatic air filters capture dust, pollen, mold, pet dander and bacteria from the air.

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Air Demon's Corporate History

Air Demon filters are made by American Air Filter (AAF). American Air Filter was founded in 1921 in Louisville, KY. AAF is a division of AAF-McQuay Incorporated. McQuay is a worldwide maker of commercial air conditioning and filtration systems.

Air Demon's Filter Products

Air Demon filters are inexpensive replacement filters for Honeywell and Trion filtration systems. Air Demons are available in either 4 or 5 inch filters. These filters are rated at MERV 11.

Air Demon filters are designed for residential filtering systems as disposable filters. These filters last for three months on average. Air Demon filters are made with an electrostatic charge that attracts air particles like a magnet. They are available in a variety of width and height sizes to accommodate different filtration systems.

Where to buy Air Demon Furnace Filters

You can buy Air Demon air filters from several online vendors and from heating and air conditioning installation companies. These filters have a retail price starting at $89.79 for a 3-pack. Prices will vary depending on the filter size.

Air Demon Furnace Filter Warranty

Air Demon filters are intended to be used for three months and dont carry any additional warranty.

Contacting Air Demon

Phone: 800-927-6789


American Filtration
P.O. Box 922
140 SW Haskew St, Suite 3
Burleson, TX76097

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