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Air Bear Furnace Filters

Air Bear air filters are pleated air filters used in the Trion residential air cleaners. Air Bear filters are high-quality filters that won't interfere with the heating or cooling system.

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Air Bear Filters are manufactured by Trion® Air Purification Systems. Trion started manufacturing air purification systems in 1946 in Sanford, North Carolina. Trion has gone through a number of mergers and acquisitions, including the 1996 purchase of Herrmidifer, a well-known manufacturer of humidification products.

Today, Trion is a subsidiary of Fedders Corporation (NYSE: FJC), a manufacturer and marketer of air conditioners, air cleaners, dehumidifiers, humidifiers, and thermal technology products.


Air Bear filters are designed to work with the Trion Air Bear whole-house media air cleaners. Air Bear is made of a 100% electrostatically charged synthetic material with surface pleats that has a large dirt-holding capacity, even when compared to other filters. Air Bear filters remove dust, smoke, and airborne particles from the air.

Air Bear replacement filters are available in several sizes, depending on the air cleaner system. The filters are in cartridges that slide into the air cleaner unit. In recent consumer surveys conducted by Consumer Reports, the Trion Air Cleaner and the Air Bear filters received test scores of excellent and very good for their abilities to remove dust and smoke, with little airflow resistance.

Many companies create reproductions of the Air Bear filter. Check to make sure the product states "Genuine" Air Bear, or it may be a reproduction filter.

Where to buy Air Bear Furnace Filters

You can buy Air Bear air filters from several online vendors and from heating/furnace and air conditioning installation companies. These filters have a retail price starting at $77.00 for a 3-pack.


Air Bear filters are intended to be used for six months; the Trion Air Bear system carries a 10-year warranty.

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Phone: 800-884-0002


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