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3M Furnace Filters

The 3M corporation sells their air filters under the brand name Filtrete™. The materials include electrostatically charged particles that behave like small magnets. They claim their systems are more effective than other filtration systems in trapping the tiniest of particles.

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3M Furnace's Corporate History

Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Co. was founded in 1902. Their first successful venture was in sandpaper products. Over the years they began to provide a range of products for home, government, and commercial use.

3M Furnace's Filter Products

Replacement Furnace Mount Filters

3M makes several Filtrete replacement filters with MERV ratings of 8 to 11. They feature a pleated electrostatic model as well as disposable designs made from polyester or fiberglass that should be changed every two to three months. They also make a washable, reusable filter, designed to last several years.

Where to buy 3M Furnace Filters

Purchase them at major home, hardware, and variety stores. Prices range from $6 to $22.

3M Furnace Filter Warranty

Need to be changed every 3 months at a maximum. Contact the retailer if you encounter problems with the filter.

Contacting 3M Furnace

Phone: 888-364-3577


3M Corporate Headquarters
3M Center
St. Paul, MN 55144-1000

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