Which Furnace or A/C Filter Should You Buy? | Furnacecompare®

Which furnace or air conditioner filter should I buy?

People often write to us asking if we can tell them which filter to use with their furnace or air conditioner. The short answer is: Yes!

If you don’t see your furnace on that list, then we’re really sorry — we can’t offer you instant satisfaction.

But — don’t leave yet!

The slightly longer answer is: We have a team of people that are fanatically obsessed with furnaces. They exist for the pleasure of bringing more order and simplicity to the world of heating and cooling systems. (The fact that we pay them to use the internet in their pajamas doesn’t hurt either.)

How does this Service Work?

  • Please use the text box below tell us the brand, the series name or model number, and the type of equipment for which you need a filter. For example: “What filter should I use for my Trane XV95 Furnace?”
  • Optional: On the next page, we’ll ask for your email address. If you give it to us, we’ll send you an email as soon as we have answered your question. Otherwise, you have to keep checking back manually.
  • We will then search the entire internets to figure out which filter you need.

Do you Charge for this Service?

No, there is no cost or obligation for this service.

(However, if you find this useful, please tell your friends about us! Just click one of the “Like”, “Tweet” or other sharing buttons above.)

Questions and Answers about Specific Brands

We have collected our most common questions and answers about how to change filters and which filters to buy for each brand on the following pages:

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