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HSPF (Heating Seasonal Performance Factor)

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HSPF is an abbreviation for Heating Seasonal Performance Factor. It is the most commonly used measure of the heating efficiency of heat pumps. (The cooling efficiency of a heat pump is measured by its SEER.)

Technically speaking, the HSPF is a heat pump's estimated seasonal heating output in BTUs divided by the amount of energy that it consumes in watt-hours.

The important takeaway from this definition is that the HSPF is a seasonal measure (meaning that it takes into account the fact that the heat pumps rarely for as long as is optimal during Spring and Fall). A heat pump with a high HSPF is more efficient than a heat pump with a low HSPF.

New heat pumps manufactured after Jan 1, 2015 are required to have an HSPF of at least 8.2. The most efficient heat pumps have an HSPF of 13.

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