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Energy Savings Trust

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Energy Savings Trust certification on a furnace (called a boiler in the UK) or other product indicates that the model has been independently tested and evaluated to the standards that are set by the industry for that product. EST certifies boilers in the United Kingdom.

EST Boiler Certification

When buying a new boiler, the alphabet soup of HVAC terminology you might encounter can be confusing. What do all of those acronyms and symbols really mean? If your new boiler comes with an ESR seal of approval from EST, read on to learn what that guarantees.

Energy Savings Trust (EST) is a European non-profit organization devoted to improving the energy efficiency of consumer and commercial products and services. Based in the United Kingdom, EST offers ESR certification to manufacturers, rebranding or partner companies (suppliers), and retailers of energy consumption products.

In addition to testing and certifying, EST provides general advice on energy conservation and posts advisories about tax credits and grants related to energy efficiency products and programs. Products certified by EST are stamped with an ESR stamp, meaning Energy Saving Recommended.

EST and Home Heating Appliances

EST certifies gas and oil burning boilers as well as providing information and recommendations for biomass boilers and ground source heat pumps. They also certify other high energy consuming products such as entertainment products, computers, kitchen appliances, washer/dryers, light bulbs, and windows.

The specific requirements for each type of boiler differ slightly, but product certification guarantees the following standards, regardless of the particular heat source:

  1. The manufacturer has a valid ISO (International Organization for Standardization) 9001 certificate. If ESR certification is sought by a supplier, both the supplier and the manufacturer must have ISO 9001 certification. Maintaining this certification imposes strict quality assurance and business practices on the companies in question.
  2. Proof of liability insurance and workman's compensation insurance (called employer's liability insurance in the UK).
  3. Qualification for the SEDBUK (Seasonal Efficiency of Domestic Boilers in the UK) band A certification. To qualify for this, boilers must run at 90% energy efficiency or higher. Proof of independent testing of energy efficiency is required before SEDBUK certification is granted.

Additional Requirements for Gas Boilers

In addition to the requirements outlined above, gas boiler certification requires both manufacturers and suppliers to send annual sales reports to EST. Gas boilers also require a standby electrical power consumption level of 10 watts or less and user control of any keep-hot feature. If a gas boiler also acts as a water heater (combination or combi boilers), the hot water tap must meet the criteria outlined in BS EN 13203-2:2006 to qualify for ESR certification. This standard places specific requirements on the temperature of the water, hot water storage capacity, and the energy efficiency of the hot water system as a whole.

Flue Certification

EST also certifies flues for combination gas boilers. To achieve flue certification, the following criteria must be met:

  1. The flue must be used with an ESR certified boiler.
  2. The flue must be independently certified for use with multiple boilers.
  3. The flue must save at least 17% on hot water energy consumption.
  4. The flue must be installed according to instructions and by a certified CORGI (UK gas professional) installer.
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