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Question: Where do I buy a furnace directly from a distributor?

Answer: does not sell heating and cooling equipment directly to the consumer. The simplest reason for that is that we're an information provider rather than a retailer: our readers might be concerned that we had a hidden bias if we were selling a particular brand of equipment.

We have a second set of concerns as well:

  • Determining the correct size (capacity) of equipment is critical to having your equipment run quietly and efficiently. That estimate requires a complicated and time-consuming set of measurements and calculations. Those could certainly be completed by a homeowner, but you need to be prepared to invest some time and money.
  • Matching an air conditioner and a furnace, or an air conditioner and an air handler requires background knowledge that the average homeowner doesn't have.
  • Many manufacturers will only stand behind their warranties if the equipment is purchased by a licensed HVAC contractor.
  • In many states you need to be a licensed HVAC contractor to install central heating and cooling equipment.

We generally recommend that consumers get quotes from at least 3 licensed heating / cooling contractors, and that they then hire one of those contractors to purchase and install their equipment. (In fact, you can request free quotes through our website.)

All of that said, there are situations in which it can make sense to buy the equipment directly and just have a licensed contractor install it. You can find a number of direct-to-consumer retailers if you search for "buy central air conditioner" or "buy furnace" at

Thank you for your question, and please don't hesitate to contact us again if we can help.

Question: How do I enable cookies on my web browser?


You can access most of the information on without ever logging in -- so most people don't have to have cookies enabled. However, if you need to login, you'll have to enable cookies for the duration of your session. If you're worried about privacy, please read our privacy policy.

Google does a very nice job of explaining how to enable cookies on the most popular web browsers here.

Question: Do you sell leads to contractors?


Yes. If you are interested in buying leads, please contact us.

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