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Consumer Reviews of Shaver coal furnaces

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Date created: 2014-03-26 Name: B. Marks
Location: P, PA

Satisfaction Rating:
2 of 5 stars Somewhat Unsatisfied

"Shaver Coal furnace built by Weld-Rite"
The furnace was sold as a coal furnace. If it wasn't for the grate system the furnace works as I expected. The grate cannot withstand the hot fires produced by hard coal. The grate I imagine would work well with a wood burn but a coal fire disintegrates it. After several months of requesting a grate that could withstand a coal fire they sent me the same grate. Attempting to rectify this with Weld-Rite Inc was fruitless. Their method of customer service is ignore the complaint. I filed a complaint with the State of Arkansas and after a few months they exhausted their resources trying to have a fair fix. I did appreciate the effort they made. If enough customers complain about this issue the State will have to take it under further investigation. So if you have this same problem don't let them get away with it. As you can see I will not.

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