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Consumer Reviews of Crown Royal Stoves coal furnaces

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Date created: 2018-01-06 Name: Joanie Detlefsen
Location: Maryland

Satisfaction Rating:

5 of 5 stars Very Satisfied

"A Happy Home"
From a leaky, older insulated home and uninsulated garage, this 3rd year of firing up Furnace rs7300 is getting to be a roaring success. Quirky conditions constantly teach me a more successful balance of wood and stoker coal. It costs more on a learning curve to waste some trying different strategies because usually / often I over feed it. So impressive when less goes a long way! I don't see anyone writing about coal. I love it dearly. And completely agree with the comment about the hot water. It is superior when it's heated by the Crown Royal. That's funny. So true. Nice to read other women commenting. I learn by talking to Greentech and extracting answers to the quirks, but they are always shared tips or other's experiences. That sends me off on talking to coal miners and learning more from others too. I love the ritual of fire making. Saving money is great, also! For those so inclined, pursue a Crown Royal furnace and it will work out to your advantage absolutely.

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