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Consumer Reviews of Aqua-Therm coal furnaces

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Date created: 2018-11-03 Name: Rbrenny
Location: New York

Satisfaction Rating:
1 of 5 stars Very Unsatisfied

"Numbers are disconnected"
I purchased a Coal-One C275 stove on 9/30/15 for over $6000. Last year we had a pin hole leak on the inside of the stove. I called and spoke to Kelly, who said to pay a welder fix the hole and submit the bill for reimbursement up to $300. I found one welder in a 100-mile radius from my home. He charged me $100. Now there is a hole on the other side of the stove. I have tried to contact Aqua-Therm and all numbers are disconnected and the website is not active. I am unable to find any way to contact this company, as I am still within the 5 year warranty. Can anyone help?

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