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Consumer Reviews of Williamson-Thermoflo boilers

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36% of customers recommend
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Date created: 2015-10-12 Location: Philadelphia, PA

Satisfaction Rating:
5 of 5 stars Very Satisfied

"Williamson Great for 10 years"
We have owned the boiler for 10 years now. It heats our 1200 square foot house well. We have cast iron radiators. It turns on quick, and it is rather quiet and fires up nicely when it calls to heat. It is lower efficient rating, but it does not burn that much oil. I do wish it was newer with a 90 or above rating. It needs to be cleaned and serviced once a year or it does not run as efficient. I recently replaced the electronics and the master control on the boiler. The electronics failed after 10 years. Just like with a car, electronic components fail at about 10 years, so they did. I would recommend this type of boiler to friends and family. I own an older one, so I have positive views on Williamson, but do not know how a newer boiler would do. Overall, I have liked it so far.
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