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Consumer Reviews of WEIL-MCLAIN boilers

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37% of customers recommend
3 of 5 stars 193 reviews

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Date created: 2009-11-13 Name: Gary

Satisfaction Rating:
1 of 5 stars Very Unsatisfied

"I am an installer.."
Do not buy Wiel Mcclain Boilers!! They are overpriced,expensive to repair and do not honor waranties!! Their factory reps are jerk offs and they will do everything to find a reson not to pay a claim let alone reimburse the contractor for his time. Ct. Liscenced installer

Date created: 2009-03-12 Name: B. Barnes
Location: Wisconsin
Years owned: 4

Satisfaction Rating:
1 of 5 stars Very Unsatisfied

"Bad gas valve, bad warranty policy"
Ultra 105, gas control valve went out in winter. Building unoccupied, lucky to have discovered it or could have been big trouble. very dissatisfied with the way Weil McLain manages warranty - card was in back of manual which was left with boiler by installer for future maintenance. No card, no coverage despite positive proof the boiler is less than 5 years in service. Was told that some parts aren't covered, are considered "consumables". Absurd policy, will never buy another Weil McLain product ever and will recommend against them.
Date created: 2009-03-06 Name: Vance fFritz
Location: Thornbury, PA
Years owned: 8

Satisfaction Rating:
1 of 5 stars Very Unsatisfied

"Weil-mcclain gold boiler"
Let's starteps. and rep mgr, in delaware county, PA. Scott Weegin is the rep in my area ...very poor communications with customers, he was supposed to call and stop by to look at my boiler at my house on march 28,2009 , he did not call or show up. His manager-Bill Price very unprofessional, Iay in business long enough for him to retire, because they do not stand behind their products or warranties, I'm afraid that the reviews that you read about cracked boilers is all true, so do not hesitate to send a letter to Better Business Bureau and tell them the truth about your experience will your boiler!! This is the second cracked boiler for me in 11 yrs and the second time they gave me a boiler which was 2 yrs older than the original boiler. I will never recommend a weil-mcclain boiler to anyone
Date created: 2009-01-02 Name: D. Sudermann
Location: Northfield, MN
Years owned: 24

Satisfaction Rating:
5 of 5 stars Very Satisfied

"Weil-McLain VHE4 (Series 2) Gas Boiler"
I did most of the installation myself in 1984, replacing an ancient Bryant gas boiler. When I moved the boiler to a new location in 1998- 99, I took the flu collector assembly apart, since the silicon glue had deteriorated and re-glued with high-temp silicon. I cleaned the whole furnace and reinstalled. In 2000 the solenoid in the gas valve wore out and I replaced it with a used gas valve. Yesterday, 1 January 2009 the solenoid bit the dust again and it was replaced today with a White- Rogers 36c84-912 valve. Over the years the furnace has worked very well. No other parts, except a relief valve, were replaced. I have kept the unit clean and the blower motor oiled at least twice a year. Oh, I forgot to mention: our VHE(Series 2) heats the water in an Amtrol Residential Hot Water Maker, and that has functioned well, too. It is gratifying to be able to live with equipment that has worked so well for so long.
Date created: 2008-12-18 Name: Jacob family
Location: Chicago, IL
Years owned: 42

Satisfaction Rating:
5 of 5 stars Very Satisfied

This unit has been going strong without problems for 42 years. The water circulating pump has been replaced three times. The boiler has cast iron burners and is serviced/cleaned annually. Today the service man said it was is great shape, though we assume it is not as efficient as modern boilers. He also warned that replacements for the cast iron burners are no longer available so we are keeping our fingers crossed and researching other boilers in order to be ready for an inevitable mid- winter breakdown.
Date created: 2008-12-11 Name: L. Holland
Location: Minneapolis, MN
Years owned: 3

Satisfaction Rating:
1 of 5 stars Very Unsatisfied

"Weil mclain ultra 105"
My three year old unit just failed due to a cracked heat exchanger. It was fine when it worked, but now it's broken and the part to repair does not exist locally nor anywhere in the country or at the Weil-McLain factory, so now I'm waiting for them to make one, in the middle of a Minnesota winter as I enter day four without heat. And then I get to pay an extra $150 for them to ship it here "fast". The service from Weil- McLain and their representatives has been a disgusting joke. Multiple phone calls returned not at all or 36+hours later, no one wants to take action or accept responsibility, and to top it off, there are two of the exact same model boiler here, in my state, that could have been used for a swap out or part. Instead, assuming the part gets made and shipped when they say, I'm stuck six days with no heat. In my opinion, this is an absolutely unacceptable level of service from a company who claims to be one of the most reputable boiler manufacturers and from a product that is claimed to be superior with a premium price tag. What good is a 15 year warranty the company can't be bothered to stock parts or provide after-sales service?
Date created: 2008-11-20 Name: mp
Location: N., MA.
Years owned: 14

Satisfaction Rating:
5 of 5 stars Very Satisfied

"Former tech"
My boiler was installed before I got into the field by a plumber. That's where most problems start. The boiler is a 68 series. I would and will buy another. The key to any good install is having an oil co. Do the install not a plumber. Your oil burner tech has the license to pull the permit, not the cheaper plumber.That's why he's cheaper! Plus the plumber wont be coming back to clean your boiler, so what does he care if the install is bad. The tech will be back to clean it so the install is smarter.
Date created: 2008-11-18 Name: Charlene Phelps
Location: Gloucester, MA
Years owned: 1

Satisfaction Rating:
3 of 5 stars Neutral

"DIrect Vent System"
We have owned this unit ( new to the house ) for just one year. It seems to work well, except for the ignition tips. They get fouled all the time. They have already stopped working 3 times. We were lucky to be home when this happened or it may have caused real problems... We are currently looking to get some information directly from the maker of the boiler to see if there is a remedy for this, other wise it may be a very regretted decision to have gone with this system.. I hope that they can give us some information to fix this problem. The heater itself seems to work well., However it is a new house so there is nothing to compare what it would have been like with another.
Date created: 2008-11-09 Name: JR
Location: New York
Years owned: 15

Satisfaction Rating:
5 of 5 stars Very Satisfied

"No Problems to Speak Of"
I've had my Weil-McLain oil fired boiler for 15 years and never had a problem. My dad has had his longer and no problems to speak of. The rental we own has one that's nearly 20 years old and will need replacement because it leaks water into the combustion chamber if it's shut down long enough to get cold. Not terrible for a 20 year old boiler. All in all, I've been very happy with Weil-McLain boilers. Very easy to work on if you do your own maintenance and reliable.
Date created: 2008-10-29 Name: Richard Mourino
Location: West Sayville, NY (Long Island)
Years owned: 18

Satisfaction Rating:
5 of 5 stars Very Satisfied

"Well Mclain Tankless Boiler"
Replaces an old repo back in 1991. Has run without any problems since. It is a cast Iron Water jacket design with a Riello f40 Burner head. The burner head is what really saves on oil. It uses a .65 burner head that produces 105 btu rather than using a standard .95 used on becket burners. Is noisy but cut oil consumption down by 45% from the repo used.
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