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Viessmann Vitogas 050 ECD Boiler

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Updated: Jan 29, 2015

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Overview of the Vitogas 050 ECD

The Viessmann Vitogas 050 ECD is a discontinued gas boiler with an efficiency of up to 83.7% AFUE. The Vitogas 050 was constructed of high-grade cast iron which provided even heat transfer and a longer service life, and large diameter, stainless steel burners provided quiet, even efficiency. It was equipped with an integrated draft hood which allowed vertical chimney venting. The boiler jacket was fully insulated to protect against stand-by heat loss and provide quiet operation. Its compact design made the Vitogas 050 suitable for installation in mechanical rooms and even closets.

Consumer Reviews of the Viessmann Vitogas 050 ECD

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Date created: 2012-12-14 Name: Veikko Alopaeus
Location: Sault Ste. Marie

Satisfaction Rating:

5 of 5 stars

"Very satisfied with an excellent boiler (ECD 100)"
Had the boiler installed in 1995. It has run faithfully and now it is Dec 2012. We have cold winters the heating season beginning in late September running until mid April end of April. Have never had a problem with it. Wow 17 years trouble free.

Date created: 2012-10-29 Name: Richard Turner
Location: [email protected]

Satisfaction Rating:

1 of 5 stars

"No customer service"
My wife purchased a Viessmann boiler five years ago. Ten days ago we had a problem with the water pressure and a Viessmann service technician turned off the boiler and disconnected the water supply, promising to return the following day to repair the system. For the last ten days we have tried by phone and e-mail to reach this technician the distributors in Kosice and Bratislava, Slovakia dn the Viessmann headquarters in Germany. No one will respond to our pleas for help or commit to making a service call. Viessmann has no customer service or technical support. This is the worst experience I have ever had with any company in the world. Do not buy Viessmann products under any circumstance. I usually am very tolerant of the problems companies have in supporting their products but this behavior is so outrageous that I could not forgo a comment.

Date created: 2012-06-13 Name: MRS SHAD
Location: swindon

Satisfaction Rating:

1 of 5 stars

If you are thinking of getting Viesmann boiler with 5 year warranty. don't! It is a con into getting you to purchase. We have been without heating or hot water for 5 days. When engineer turned up, he did not complete the job. Rang the company first thing next morning and they said that they would ring back within a few minutes. Four hours later no word, called another engineer from another company, he dismantled the boiler and discovered it is soaked in water. Still waiting to hear from Viesmann.

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Viessmann Vitogas 050 ECD Model Numbers

The Vitogas 050 ECD is available in different models which vary in efficiency and capacity.

Model Number AFUE BTUs per Hour
ECD-100 83.5 100000

Vitogas 050 ECD Warranty

The warranty for the Viessman Vitogas 050 ECD boiler is comprised of the following:

  • 2-year warranty on the enclosure, combustion chamber, burner, controls and other parts
  • 20-year warranty on the cast iron sections of the boiler. The warranty is prorated from the eleventh through twentieth year

The warranty covers only the original owner at the original site of installation. Labor costs are not included in the warranty.

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