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Trianco Heatmaker Boiler Product Lines

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Trianco Heatmaker produced several lines of boilers. The Endurance line included the EBP, a modulating combination boiler; the EDP, a modulating hydronic boiler; and the EDN, a non-ferrous boiler. The H and HP lines of boilers are hydronic water boilers for heating. The HW boiler provides hot water for use, as well as for heating. Trianco Heatmaker also produced a line of 9600 CB condensing boilers. Parts for these products are still supplied by Laars Heating Systems.

Trianco Heatmaker boilers, furnaces, and heaters are still in use, although newer models may carry the Laars or Bradford White name. Original parts can be obtained for Trianco Heatmaker products. All manufacturing of these heat systems and parts now occurs at the Rochester, New Hampshire Laars plant.

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