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Trane Boilers

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Trane Boilers are manufactured as oil or gas fired. One of the main advantages of a Trane boiler is the cast iron heat exchanger. Simultaneously, the heat transfer and fuel efficiency are maximized, and customers will notice that the boiler requires less amounts of time to adequately warm a room or home. In addition to lower fuel costs, consistent heating is another focus of the company, which produces three different boiler models.

Trane Oil-Fired Boilers

With the Trane XR85, a heavy insulated 3-pass cast iron heat exchanger is used for extra resilience, quiet performance, and long-term energy efficiency. As a result, the boiler is Energy Star qualified and has a rating of up to 86.7% AFUE (annual fuel utilization efficiency), a 3" insulation blanket, a power disconnect switch, and a corrosion-resistance drain. Convenience is another benefit to the XR85 as it includes a convertible swing door to the heat exchanger as well as easy-to-read temperature and pressure gauges, and an adjustable supply-water thermostat.

Trane Gas-Fired Boilers

Producing two gas-fired boilers, Trane offers a quiet, energy efficient home heating solution. The XB80 and the XR80 both feature a cast iron heat exchanger, a high-efficiency stainless steel tubular burner, an electronic ignition control and gas valve, a flip-up control panel cover with encased controls, powder-painted boiler jacket for durability, an adjustable supply-water thermostat, a power disconnect switch, a corrosion-resistant drain, and easy-to-read temperature and pressure gauges. The XB80 has an automatic vent damper and a rating of up to 83.6% AFUE while the XR80 has an induced draft fan and is rated up to 84.3% AFUE.

Care and Maintenance of Trane Boilers

Regular service is necessary for Trane boilers and the company recommends a Trane Comfort Specialist check the unit twice a year or when any problems take place. Several routine, and also preventative, maintenance measures will be completed, such as a complete system operation check in both cooling and heating modes, testing of various other major components and safety devices, and a cleaning of the indoor blower housing and wheel. Duct systems are checked for leaks that could decrease the ability of the unit to function properly, and increase the cost of heating.


All boilers from Trane have a Lifetime Limited Warranty on the heat exchanger and a 5-Year Limited Warranty on internal functional parts. Each product warranty applies only to residential use and optional, extended coverage is available. For complete and detailed information about Trane Warranties and how to register for them, consumers are encouraged to consult with a nearby dealer or visit the official company website and look at product descriptions and specifications.

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