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LOCHINVAR Boiler Reviews

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1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Really? How can such a basic component be so unreliable? Our unit is three years old and began to malfunction shortly after installation. It just does not work. No one knows why. Ten service outages in the last six months! Crazy. I am going to scrap it. Stay away from this company.


Biddeford, ME


1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Nothing but trouble. Techs cannot sync the system so there are domestic hot water failures all the time, constantly for the last 8 months. . At the same time I work on other properties with ancient boiler systems that only require 2 service calls per year. What is up with this inferior, way overpriced, problematic hunk of junk? 13 service calls in the last 8 months.


London, Ontario, Canada

"Beware of electrical issues"

3.0 rating

Installed by a professional contractor in fall 2012 in Michigan. During the first cold weather it went red "Lock Out". The error code indicated an issue with temperature measurement. The installer was not much help. Knowing a little about electronics and motivated by the freezing weather, I started investigating the internals while waiting for Lochinvar and the installer to get together. Figured out that they used computer (pc) style connectors without any special contact coatings for the boards. Tried unplugging/plugging connectors (w/no power to unit) to clean up contacts and found that the temperature sensor was suddenly repaired. Lochinvar rep (talked to directly) confirmed that a bad connection could cause the observed error. Have had several lockout errors since. Each time, (after disconnecting power), I remove and reseat the cable connectors to the board (sensor one in particular). This has fixed the lockouts 100% so far. In fact, for 2015, I 'shined up' the connectors in November–no lockouts all winter. Seems to happen more when unit is turned on after being off and/or basement has been moist. Go figure. When it runs, it uses much less gas energy than the previous furnace, although the circulation pump runs all the time–need a low energy one of these to go with the furnace!


Detroit, MI

"One of the best boilers i have ever owned!"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

The Lochinvar brand's Crest Condensing boiler line is an essential piece to our household. We've recently bought this and i could honestly say that i have never had a problem with this boiler and it seems to effortlessly do an amazing job time after time. On top of it all, it has a really solid, reliable, dependable, and durably respectable design. We've had many different brands before but this is by far the most stylish and economical one i have had the pleasure of owning. It has really up to date technology built right into the design and no one in the house really pays much attention to it or even probably knows what it does or why it exists. But it's benefit's are essential. Thumbs up for the Lochinvar's Crest Condensing boiler! Once again i am a happy customer willing to return and do business again with them in the future.

Miami, FL

"Lochinvar Knight, the worst boiler ever!"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I purchased a new Lochinvar Knight series boiler in the fall of 2011 to replace an older failing boiler. I had the boiler installed by a reputable heating contractor who did a "by the book installation". Within 30 days the system was down due to a bad circuit board. My contractor called Lochinvar and they sent a new one under warranty. Fast forward to the fall of 2012, and once again the circuit board is junk. Mind you that the boiler was off line during the warm months, so in other words "it's off more than it's on". This time the rep hand- delivered the circuit board and left scratching his head with no explanation for 2 board failures. Fast forward to the fall of 2013, and guess what? Another board failure. This time Lochinvar sent a new board with the message "don't call us anymore, you're on your own". Fast forward to the fall of 2014, and now I have a locked out unit due to a fan code. The fan appears fine with no obstructions, but I replaced it anyway on my dime and still no luck. The only other possibility is a bad circuit board. Who saw that coming? So now I have a Lochinvar boat anchor sitting in my boiler room and don't want to throw good money after bad. To anyone thinking about a Lochinvar Boiler I say "run for your life!".

David Cowan

South Portland, ME

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