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Lennox Boiler Overview

Lennox markets three different series of boilers.

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Reviews by Boiler Series

Conservator GWM-IE GSB8-E GWB8-E GWB8-IE

Merit Series

There are two boilers in this series and they’re the least expensive models. Both the GSB8-ES and the GWB8-ES have AFUE ratings of around 82% and are designed to use natural gas as fuel. They have an electronic ignition, vent dampers, and fiberglass insulation, all of which reduce their energy consumption. Efficiency is also improved by a draft fan, which increases the ability to vent combustible gas.

Both come in a range of sizes that can fit in small spaces, basement or otherwise.

Elite Series

The GWB8-IE is a mid-price, mid-efficiency gas boiler, with 84% AFUE. It has slightly better insulation than the other models. It also comes with a pressure switch to ensure that the flue is clear and safe.

The COWB2, also in the Elite Series, is the only oil-fueled boiler manufactured by Lennox. It has an AFUE rating of 85%. It uses a Beckett burner and a cast-iron heat exchanger. This boiler comes (optionally) with a tankless coil, which doubles as a source of hot water for the house.

Dave Lennox Signature Collection

There is only one model in this series: the GWB9-IH. It is the most expensive and also the most efficient (90% AFUE) boiler. It is fueled by natural gas. An aluminum heat exchanger makes the boiler more efficient and three times faster than iron. Aluminum alloy is also less likely to corrode. This model is the only Lennox boiler that receives an EnergyStar efficiency rating. It is also relatively quiet.

This boiler requires the use of CPVC pipe (which comes with it) for five feet worth of venting. The rest of the vent system can use PVC piping, which is inexpensive and relatively easy to install. The apparatus has a baked-on paint finish that will preserve its appearance over time.

Care and Maintenance

Lennox recommends having boilers evaluated by a qualified technician on a yearly basis to ensure that all systems related to the boiler are safe and functioning optimally.


The GSB8-ES has a twelve-year warranty for its heat exchanger; the GWB8-ES has a 20-year warranty. Both of these have a one-year warranty for their other parts. The Elite series models have twenty-year warranties on their heat exchagners and one-year warranties on everything else. Finally, the DLSC boiler has only a fifteen-year warranty on its heat exchanger, but a ten-year warranty on the rest of the parts.

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Lennox Boiler Reviews

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"World's best boiler !!!"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

I purchased this boiler from Lennox a couple of months back. This was the best purchase that I've ever made. I have seen a drastic drop in my energy bills in the past few months . It really helped my budget because during the last few years I was paying a lot of money towards my energy utilization. This new product works like a breeze. The whole process of installation was very smooth and very easy . It was very affordable too. There were not many issues with the whole system and it also brings warmth to the room very quickly. It has high Energy Star ratings which is an industry standard in itself. It does not consume any unnecessary energy which cannot be converted into heat, as per their company. It was a very important feature that is commendable. I have already recommended this product to many of my friends and family. They all liked it very much and were very happy with the usage. It is worth a million referrals. It makes me very happy to use this product for myself and for others as well.

New york

"Lennox Furnace Freezing Frenzy"

2.0 rating
Somewhat Unsatisfied

I've owned my Lennox water boiler for a few months at my new rental house. I appreciate how simple it was to fix when we started having issues, but I was not happy with how short of a time it took before my roommate used all the hot water. At least 2-3 times a week, my roommate and I get home from work around the same time and decide to shower at the same time but in separate bathrooms. About 30 minutes into my long, relaxing shower time, it would get extremely cold forcing me to abandon my relaxing alone time. We had a gentlemen come out to service the unit and he was quickly able to get it working how it should. Still not sure what he did, if anything, but it does last longer now. I wouldn't buy the same brand again without extensive research and careful consideration of other options, whether they are more or less expensive. That's just how I am personally with any home appliance.

Atlanta, GA

"My experience with a Lennox brand boiler."

4.0 rating
Somewhat Satisfied

We installed this boiler two years ago and so far we haven't had any problems with it. Compared to the old one that we replaced it heats very quickly and for a long time. It didn't take long to install and works well with our current system. I felt like the price was a little high, but Lennox is a trusted brand and I wanted a product that wouldn't break down on me multiple times a year. So far we haven't had any running problems with the boiler and it looks like our investment was worth it. I'm hoping that the boiler will last at least 10 years but we have a 5 year warranty on it if it were to need replacing or a repair. I would probably recommend this brand to a friend if they weren't as concerned about price, as the quality definitely makes up for the price tag.

Birmingham, AL

"Best boiler ever, don't ever want another one!"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

I've had it for a year, I never run out of hot water. It lasts all through the day. I guess the only thing I don't like is how it looks. I have not had it replaced. I would definitely buy the same brand and recommend it to a friend. Lennox is the way to to go! Don't ever buy another one!

Los Angeles, Ca

"Makes plenty of heat"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

We have had the heater in the house since we moved into the house. It was there before we lived there. I very much enjoy how quickly the heater can heat our house and often we have to turn it down due to being a little warm (a quality i quite enjoy sometimes having grown up in a cold house) We have not had to had it repaired outside of the minor servicing for cleaning and maintenance that was done before we moved in. If i had a choice i would consider this brand in the future for a new home

Camas, WA

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