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LAARS Boiler Reviews

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"Money pit"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

The boiler came with the house, not too sure how old it is. First winter – gas valve = $860.00. Since then, the gas valve has failed and been replaced 3 times. Nothing but problems. I've spent enough money just trying to keep the thing running that I could have bought 2 new ones. The standing pilot has issues every year. Very unreliable and expensive to have repaired. The main issue seems to be the gas valve & pilot set-up. I would not recommend it to anyone.


Golden, CO

"Getting a Laars? Hope you enjoy cold showers…"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Bought a Mascot 2 by Laars after it was highly recommended by my bf's family. His cousin is a plumber and did the install. Can't even tell you how many times he's been back to try to fix it. Happens every summer. Hot water won't work unless the heat is on. Yup, gotta run the heat in the summer to take hot showers. I actually boiled water on the stove the other day to take a sponge bath because now the hot water won't work even with the heat on. This thing cost $ 7,000, not including install because we're family. Can't imagine how much this thing would've cost if we weren't related to a plumber.

Christa t

Wakefield, ri

"Pool Heater"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Has a problem every year since we had it installed. We take very good care of all our equipments but this heater is the worst.

Lori Meyers

Queens, NY


1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

My house was built 12 years ago and a laars was installed. When I purchased this home 6 months ago the home inspector warned me about this boiler. He also said it has about a 15 year life span. The repair tech tried a new control panel and pump, still no heat. By 6pm on New Years Eve they said there was nothing else they could do until Wednesday when they could contact tech support. The repair total so far is $ 1,400. Decided to put the $ 1,400 to a new boiler rather than continuing to trouble shoot. My inspector was right on the money!



"Laars never ever buy"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I have a 2 500 000 btu laars for my 60 unit apartment building that replaced the original install Volcano flame tube boiler. This laars thing is the biggest pile of junk I have ever bought. After first winter season on warranty replaced the controller board and the ignitor, 2 ignitors the second year and every year there after. Now this is the start of season 6 and one more ignitor. Very big inconvenience over the years as I have to to show up and reset the boiler. Every summer the thing needs to be opened up and worked on from controllers, ignitors, copper coil cleaning, low fire aquastats, leaking copper welds, failed internal water pump impeller. Ive spent $28000 in repairs on this piece of garbage since the install in October 2007. The old Volcano was completely reliable and trust worthy never that call in the middle of the night for heat. The consumption with the volcano was 100000 m3 of gas for the year, the laars brought the burn down to 70000 m3. Now that's 30% less but anything that I saved went into repair and frustration. This will be the last year and I'm going to get rid of it as soon as this winter is over. I will try and get some kind of compensation but who knows…

Perry Kioussis

Montreal, Canada

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