BUDERUS G115 Boiler Overview

The Buderus G115 is a discontinued oil-fired, low-temperature cast iron boiler. The G115 had a heating capacity of 74,000, 98,000, and 120,000 BTU’s, depending on the model. Boiler water content ranged from 8.7 to 12.9 gallons, and the oil firing rate ranged from .60 to 1.0 GPH. The boiler featured an insulated jacket to reduce stand-by heat loss, and an optional Logamatic control managed most control functions of the heating system.

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BUDERUS Boiler Reviews

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"Be very, very careful about G115/Indirect Water Heater Combo"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Our house here in Alaska was built in 2004 with the G115-21/lt160 combination with the Riello BF3 burner. By 2011, the previous owner had to pay our local mechanical contractor (@+$150 per hour) to pull the lt160 from under the G115 and replace it (another +$1800). This past summer, the boiler began leaking from the pressure relief valve. The coil on the second lt160 had failed. After getting a $3500 quote to replace from the same mechanical contractor, I did enough research and calling around to realize that many, many Buderus indirect water heaters have this problem. One Seattle contractor said they have a 50% failure rate on the water heaters! That is very bad! There were so many failures that he cut one of the failed tanks apart and found that the coils were formed with "wrinkles" in them, which causes erosion of the tubing interiors and early failure (higher erosion rates with hot water and constant flow). The key, of course, is better maintenance, but the cost can be high. Replacing the anode that prevents coil corrosion can be $300-$600 per time, and has to be done at least once every two years and better if done every year. You have to turn off the domestic water, depressurize the house, and drain the tank each time. By the time you do that two times, you might as well have bought a stainless indirect water heater. As for the Riello burner, it was pretty good, but just the basic "emergency" kit costs $253 for getting it up and running, and that doesn't include our local company's upcharge. In sum, I would avoid the "over-and-under" Buderus at all costs. If you use the GW115 series, use the Beckett burners for serviceability. Use a stainless steel indirect water heater (Triangle Tube and Super Stor were recommended to me, I found a trade-out SST-45 for $400 in Juneau), and be prepared for correspondence with a company that can't admit it has a problem and won't come clean with its customers or its "front-line" service companies.

B. Carter

Sitka, AK

"Junk, read warranty"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Junk, 1-year warranty on parts.

non ya

"10 years and going strong!"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

I started with oil and a Riello gun with my g115/4 Buderus. It ran like a watch. I onverted to gas in 2008, and it still runs like a watch. I recently had to replace my Wayne Gas Burner/Gun with a Carlin, a non- Buderus issue. An aquastat relay – non-Buderus. The Taco conduit to the expansion tank rusted closed and blew a relief valve. I blame Long Island water for that. My furnace and boiler run great, always have. The parts around it go, like on every system. Generally speaking, everything is made like garbage. Everything – kitchen appliances, washer/dryers – have a 7 -10 year lifespan. From what I have noticed, with my central ac and Buderus, installation, calibration and maintenance are everything. If you are looking for a Buderus, or looking for someone to maintain it, go to the Buderus website and they have certified installers and companies that know these things like that back of their hand. If you are looking for a new system, and they are on the Buderus website, and that own company's website has a big blue Buderus on the home screen, chances are you are going to be okay. I have had people come in to my home, and sent out because I can see the look on their face when they look at my system.

Vincent S

Huntington, NY

"G115 Buderus Oil Boiler – Help!"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Please contact me if you have/know a qualified Buderus service technician in the Hartford area. We have Glastonbury Mechanical at present. They installed this boiler new 2 1/2 years ago but don't seem to know how to maintain it and I'm skeptical that it was installed properly to begin with. Thanks for your help [email protected]

Bob Cacciatore

East Hartford, CT

"Proven boiler"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

I just hit 28,000 hours on the hour meter on my boiler and have done nothing but change the nozzle every year and give it a good cleaning. I burned over 22,400 gallons of heating oil in this boiler and have spent less than $100 in maintenance parts in 15 years. I installed this boiler in a 5000 sf house in Alaska with radiant heat. For the record, I'm not a plumber not do I work on boilers for a living. Over time components of the computer have ceased to function but I have been able to keep it operating and the house warm with minimal effort. It's -40f right now and the house is very comfortable. Next summer I'd like to get rid of the computer as I currently run the boiler on manual instead of auto. Would I buy another Buderus? You bet I would. Very pleased with this equipment.

Chris Johansen

Fairbanks, Alaska

Other G115 Reviews

Online comments about the G115 are quite positive. On several online forums, including doityourself.com, there are comments about problems with the Riello burners. Professionals on hvac-talk.com call the G115 a really good and efficient boiler, explaining that this boiler was used for years in Europe and is proven technology. Professionals on nepacrossroads.com note the unit’s efficiency and state that it is also easy to service.

G115 Warranty

The Buderus G115 warranty is comprised of a 1-year limited warranty on the boiler, a pro-rated lifetime warranty on the heat exchanger, and a 5-year warranty on the burner. Labor costs are not included in the warranty. Change in owner or relocation of the boiler terminates the warranty.

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