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Navien NHB Boiler

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Updated: Mar 4, 2017

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Overview of the NHB

The Navien NHB is a condensing gas boiler with an efficiency rating of 95.0% AFUE. It was named an Energy Star Most Efficient 2016 product and is available in four models: NHB-55, NHB-80, NHB-110, and NHB-150. The NHB is a wall-hung boiler, designed to occupy far less space than a traditional floor-standing boiler. It can be vented with 2" and 3" PVC, CPVC and approved polypropylene, with venting up to 60 feet using 2" PVC, and up to 16 units of the two largest models, the 110 and 150, can be cascaded. An optional NaviLink control allows remote temperature control and monitoring.

Consumer Reviews of the Navien NHB

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Date created: 2017-03-04 Name: Philip
Location: Massachusetts

Satisfaction Rating:

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"Unreliable and Horrible Warranty"
I've had a Navien combo for 3 years. Inside of the 3 years I've spent over $2,000 in repairs which have included a complete replacement of the entire unit. First the pcb (Primary Control Board) failed, then the heat exchanger had to be replaced (dubiously) before Navien agreed that they had to replace the entire unit because it was leaking condensation. Of course the labor warranty is long since expired, so I'm stuck with a $1,500 labor bill to swap out their junk after spending more than $500 in the previous repairs. Noted was that the labor warranty would have only covers $225 over the life of the unit which is nothing, if major parts are going to fail. So, after more than $2,000 of labor since it was installed 3 years ago, I'm on a second unit. After long conversations with their customer service giving them the chance to step up and make this right (which I equate to cover the service bill for replacing their poor quality unit), they are not willing to do so. There is a reason why they get poor reviews and this is exactly it. They have a quality issue. Some units may be fine, but when they are not (as was the case with mine) you're out of luck with large bills to replace their garbage. The customer services team knows it too, but they're instructed to simply say no. I gave them the chance to avoid this type of review and told them so directly, but it isn't important to them to do the right thing. Simply put, they don't stand behind their product. You may luck out and get a good unit or you might not. If you don't luck out you'll pay for the unit twice over in repairs.

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Other NHB Reviews

A homeowner on heatinghelp.com asked if the NHB was a good unit and was told by one professional that it's okay but there are better units available. There was a long discussion on the same post between professionals regarding how long it takes to get parts for Navien boilers. On terrylove.com, a homeowner asked for opinions regarding the NHB and a Dunkirk boiler and received a couple of replies from professionals who preferred the NHB.

NHB Warranty

The warranty for the Navien NHB boiler is comprised of the following:

  • 15-year heat exchanger warranty
  • 5-year parts and other components warranty
  • 1-year labor warranty

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