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Annual Boiler Maintenance

Having your boiler prepared for the upcoming winter is something that can save you significant money while maintaining a better level of heat. In fact, without proper maintenance, you could be spending as much as 10% more on your energy bill than needed. The goal is to have all of the components of the boiler system inspected, ensuring they are in proper working condition and that anything corroded or damaged is replaced.

Although it is possible for you to do the work on your own if you have the right expertise, considering the potential risk involved, you should give serious thought to having a professional complete the maintenance check for you. The following are the standard steps involved to ensure your boiler is at peak performing level:

  • Fireside: This will need to be checked first. With this feature, if there is a high level of dirt buildup, then you will be losing precious energy. For this to be cleaned, the boiler must first be cleaned. Then, the boiler tubes and the furnace are checked to look for any soot or non-combustible deposits, which will need to be cleaned with a brush or vacuum cleaner.
  • Refractory: Typically, a boiler will have some minor repair to be done on this piece. Therefore, erosion or cracking would be checked and then the professional would use the proper repair substance according to the manufacturer recommendation.
  • Waterside: This will need to be inspected next. In fact, it will usually be done immediately upon the boiler cooling down to around 120 degrees. The boiler will be drained with the goal being to have clear tubes without sludge, mud, sediment, or scale. If the water treatment system fails, then the boiler would need to be chemically cleaned by a licensed professional specializing in this area.
  • Burner: Once the burner is open, all the components to include moving parts, oil nozzle, damper, diffuser, and shutter will be checked.
  • Controls: Since these controls are used to monitor the level of water, they need to be in excellent working order. In this case, both the electrical and mechanical operations would be checked. The work on the controls is done after they are reinstalled and mounted but prior to starting the boiler.
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