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LOCHINVAR Solution Boiler

#4 of 4 LOCHINVAR Boilers

Updated: Nov 20, 2015

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Overview of the Solution

The Lochinvar Solution is a residential gas boiler with an efficiency of 84.2% AFUE. It features a two-stage gas valve, stainless steel burners and a gasketless copper tube heat exchanger for improved efficiency and durability. The unit's intermittent spark ignition shuts down in less than one second if the pilot flame is lost. Installation flexibility is provided with all piping and venting connections located at the top of the unit and an optional PVC or CPVC vent kit.

Consumer Reviews of the LOCHINVAR Solution

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Date created: 2015-11-17 Name: B. Mandel
Location: Santa Fe, NM

Satisfaction Rating:

1 of 5 stars

"Worst boiler in the universe"
Model CBN090. I've owned my house for 10 years, the only owner. The first Lochinvar boiler burned out before the warranty expired. Plumber installed 2nd Lochinvar in 2011 and told me it had a full new warranty. Here it is 2015. The second boiler expired. Both Lochinvar and the plumber disavow any responsibility. Third boiler coming up--not Lochinvar. Don't deal with a company that makes horrible boilers and then doesn't stand behind its products. Come on---3 boilers in 10 years. Something is definitely wrong.

Date created: 2015-10-12 Location: Tampa, FL

Satisfaction Rating:

5 of 5 stars

"Wonderful Residential Boiler"
We just replaced our old boiler last year with a Lochinvar Heating Boiler Solution. This boiler is fabulous. It's reliable, gasket-less, and efficient. It gives out just the right amount of heated water. The name "Solution Heating Boiler" really says it all and I could not ask for a better boiler. Our old one was worn out and really just awful so we were in the market for a long lasting, reliable boiler. After doing some research and narrowing down our options I couldn't be happier that we chose the one that we did. Actually, a family member gave us the recommendation to use Lochinvar and once we spoke to them they definitely had us sold on this one. If I ever need to I will buy this exact system again. We have had it a little over a year now with absolutely no issues. If you are in the market for a new system please consider this one because you definitely won't regret it, I promise you!!

Date created: 2014-11-26 Name: G. Edwards
Location: Iowa

Satisfaction Rating:

1 of 5 stars

You never know if this thing is going to fire up or not! A few days after installation, there was no heat. The service tech said it was a factory defect; the igniter had a cracked insulator so it was arcing against itself. Replaced it under warranty. A few weeks into its second winter, no heat. The service tech said it was all "carboned up" and needed to be cleaned. He charged $300, which was later refunded because it was under warranty. It's now the start of its third heating season, and no heat. Two nights ago, at about 3 A.M., we were freezing, so I went downstairs. The circulating pump was running but there was no flame. Just for fun I shut off the main power supply, waited about 30 seconds, turned it back on, and it ignited. I thought it might be just a glitch, so I didn't call emergency service. It was fine for a week. I just got back from the basement to turn it off and back on, which worked again. I don't know what's wrong this time. It'll take a week to get a serviceman here and I'm not paying for an after-hours service call. I've owned 4 homes and have never had furnace problems before, both boilers and forced-air furnaces. This is my first and last Lochinvar! P.S. When checking the drop-down for the model number, mine wasn't listed (CBN090). It was probably discontinued. Lucky me! "Follow-up review from 12/9/14" Well, the service tech just left. (fourth visit in three heating seasons) We are at the start of only its third heating season, and it just cost me $600 to have an ignition module replaced and have the heat exchanger cleaned of carbon build-up. I have to shell out all this cash to replace something that was probably defective from day one. I'm about ready to take a $4,000 loss and get a real furnace from a more well- known manufacturer.

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Other Solution Reviews

There are a few posts on heatinghelp.com from homeowners with questions about the Lochinvar Solution. One homeowner stated that his didn't run the same as his old oil-fired boiler and seemed less efficient. Most responders seemed to feel that the Solution is a good boiler but that this person's unit was sized wrong. Other questions asked for comparisons with similar units, and most professionals replied that the installation and sizing is far more important than the brand.

Solution Warranty

The warranty for the Lochinvar Solution boiler is comprised of the following:

  • 20-year limited heat exchanger warranty, prorated after 10 years
  • 2-year limited parts warranty

Labor costs are not covered by the warranty.

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